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  1. linda foster says:

    I use the library computer. Can you give a phone number and/or address? I very much would like to buy a kit to filter out Cs137 and St90, etc.from the rain water I must drink. Am not concerned about other contaminants. Phone [msgs only]: 304 6l3 5825. Have alreaady ordered 4 lbs of calcuim bentonite clay to add to standing water and then filter by a doubled cloth. Am that desperate.

  2. Your filter for cesium 137 sounds perfect’ Am looking for some way to get one. Do you have a phone number we can use? Address? Would like two for $50.00 as you described. The computer here at the library does not accept This is the preatapped and pre drilled kit.

  3. DR. SAM says:

    How do we safely  store food for Fires  or Floods Tornadoes ( like the folks out West  or MidWest , whose properties were  destroyed)  ?.    I have seen no videos ,
    or read any books on this topic!

  4. ed says:

    Looking to talk w/other like minded people on prepping ideas, back round law enforcement w/ nims course etc.

  5. Ashley says:

    My family and I live in Dana KY right outside of Pikeville KY, and we would like to be able to meet other like minded people but need help doing so. Can anyone help us?

    • Terry says:

      Hi Ashley my family an I live in clainton Alabama we are of the same mind

      • Mike solomon says:

        I live in Metairie Louisiana and looking for fellow preppers, any info would be great.

        • Cindy in Louisiana says:

          Hi Mike. I love in Hammond La. It’s good to talk to a fellow prepper! I must admit I’m pretty new at this, although I have been been picking up things along the way for about a year now. I proably wouldn’t last 6mo.s if TSHTF!
          But you have to think about all the things that go wrong. Just hurricanes alone! We know all about those don’t we?

  6. Stan says:

    My name is Stan. I am 100% disabled and my only income is SSD. What options do I have for getting myself and the ones i love ready for what about to befall us all. I dont have the income to perches the things I need to protect them or even stock enough food for them. I do the best I can with what I have but it is no where near enough. Am I just considered  the week and deserve to parish? What can you tell me?

    • I myself am on SSI and limited to about $600.00 a month so I know how hard it can be but it is not impossible. It starts with a well thought out plan. i use the 52 week food storage plan. This is where you sit down and figure out your meal plan for one or two weeks. Then figure out how many servings of each item on the menu you will need and multiply it by 52 (thats how many weeks are in one year) then multiply that number by how many are in your household. Once you do this, you have a goal. So you will know exactly how much you need of each item and you can work on building that specific item. It may take sacrifice of another item you usually purchase each month, but it is worth the peace of mind that preparedness will bring you. I always looked at it like this….what if we never get hit by a natural disaster or the economy doesn’t collapse? Then great!! I have this food for when i’m old and cant go buy any. However, what if one day I lose my SSI? Then at least I have food while I attempt to find another source of income. Sacrificing one thing for the security of the other so I can make sure and live is worth it. For me….i cut of my house phone because I also had a cell phone. I didn’t need both, but i had to have one for medical emergencies. That alone was about $50.00 a month saved that went toward building my food storage. I hope this helps!!


    • Charlie Gill says:

      Hey Stan, Just to give u a few hints. Buy an extra can or two when go to the grocery store and lots of things can be purchased from a dollor store. Learn to barter and trade for things that u may have collected and visit yard sales and remember to think outside the box cause things can have multi purpose or be converted to your needs. Get others involved in your preps cause strength is better in numbers but hand pick those folks that u can trust.

  7. Michael Renn says:

    I watched the video but was asked a question so I went down and agreed to terms of service.  Thought I was registered. Help?
    Michael “Stonebear” Renn

    • Michael Renn says:

      Tried to correct but already pressed “Post Comment”. Meant to say “Was NOT asked a question.” Like what the video had to say btw. Means a lot. Kudos to the author.

  8. mike says:

    are thair any preppers in dayton ohio.

  9. I unfortunetly after paying for the suturing and stapling class I was not able to go;.  I live in Orlando, Florida and would like to know when the next class will be so that I will  definetly attended.  would you be able to assist me.  Thank you.  

  10. Greg says:

    Hey Guys,
    Wanted to offer my services to those of you wishing to enhance your skills in defending you and your family.  I have nearly 30 years of military and law law enforcement.  Nearly 20 years as a SWAT operator who possess certifications in firearms instruction included handgun and rifle.  I am located in North Carolina and shoot me an email if you guys are interested.  Stay safe 

  11. Joe Chance says:

    Hi fellow Prepper’s I’m testing to see if my set is right to make comments. 

  12. Bamababe says:

    I would love to meet like minded people in the Alabaster, Caleria, Pelham or Helena Alabama area. I am new to this site.

  13. Jo Oliver says:

    In Volume 2 #32: Restoring Old Tools to New Glory link doesn’t work.
    Please advise. hugs…

  14. STEVE says:

    When I try to log in i cant. when i try to reset my pw. it says my e-mail does not exist. but when i go back and try again it says my e-mail is already in use???

  15. Craig says:

    Hello all.
    I am looking to network/penpal with preppers.
    I have a background of time in a combat communications group and training on surviving various disasters and situations when normal equipment fails.
    Additionally, I have edited and led the development of technical papers in other fields and enjoy looking into the forensic nature of determining the best methods to apply based on varying situations

  16. john mazanec says:

    I have been running a survival school for 15 years on the dl going public on 12/1
    Inc. as timber wolf training center classes run every weekend from Fri. afternoon thru Sun. noon
    my quails. 17 years scoutmaster 8 years met 35 years fire rescue suturing, food storage and scrounging
    butchering gardening canning/jaring certified firearms instructure20 years as professional carpenter have designed water systems with storage and filtration (hint by lots of kool ais or tang) helps the taste
    classes held in north jersey and lower ny will travel to your location for right group i will design the classes you want or need all my staff is certified by state standards in there areas of instruction

  17. Marti says:

    what does anyone know about the useablity of silver instead of paper money in a bad situation? I don’t know anything but it sounded like it might be more stable if you had it in some smaller denominations.

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