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All right guys, lets see what we can do to help

I know of 2 fellow preppers who can use our immediate help. So let’s see what we can do.

In these tough times that we are all facing we will begin to see many many people enduring hardships. Some far worse than others. I know personally that it breaks my heart to see people who are in need, when I do not have the financial means to help, let alone barely take care of my own family. Matt from Kentucky Preppers Network did an earlier post titled; You can’t help anyone who’s not willing to help themselves. While there is truth to that statement, especially in these times, I’m here to tell you that there are 2 fellow preppers who not only are self-reliant and DO help themselves, they also help all of us by contributing to our networks.

The first is Humble Wife at New Mexico Preppers Network She has donated several of her articles to the New Mexico Blog as well as the Canadian sites. All of her articles are very informative and I know help people to learn to be self-sufficient.

Anyway, her families home and farm were flooded the other day. Thank God no one was hurt and their livestock are safe. But they do have a lot of damage and a big mess to clean up. It’s also been very hot and humid with the recent rain and they do not have air conditioning. Does anyone have an A/C unit that they can donate? Is there anyone who may be traveling near the area who can stop in and help a few hours with the clean up? Also, I know that they have a vehicle that they need to transport to New York to their oldest son who is stationed there next week. I’m wondering if we can set up way points for them to stop at along the way for room and board and maybe a little gas money to help out. If you are willing to help out and have an extra room they can spend the night in, please let us know.

Man, I feel that I’ve let some of you down by not working hard enough to find more people to join us. If only our networks were much larger we would have more people close by to help.

The Second person who needs our help is Karen. She has donated several of her articles to this blog. She is a survivalist and is self-reliant. She is also Blind. Her blindness has not stopped her from being one of the best preppers amongst us. But due to problems with her trust fund, she is about to lose her home real soon. She can cook, clean, garden and even defend a home in the dark. What she needs is an affordable place to rent. If you have a rental, an apartment, or a spare room, please let me know. Be watching for her blog as soon as it’s completed. The URL is:

Now, I don’t know what idiot anonymous commenter has been trolling sites and posting the following: The American Prepper Network and Canadian Prepper Network and all individual state/providence “networks” are a scam commercial enterprise. (notice the #2 anonymous commenter on that blog) I have found that jerks comment on several blogs and I still don’t know who it is. But whoever the hell that is, they haven’t a clue. My financial situation is pretty bad, as is most people in the trucking industry, as is many of you. But hopefully things will turn around soon with a new job I’m trying to get. If we were a big commercial enterprise I’d be calling Ty Pennington at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and working something out to get both of these preppers into Brand New Homes. But the fact of the matter is, I’m not in that kind of position to do something like that. I’m just a trucker….I don’t know what yet, but i will do something, and I’m asking you to please help as well.

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