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APN is Not For Sale

Neither American Preppers Network nor any of the prepper networks that I helped to start are for sale. I was asked by someone if I would be willing to sell APN and the domain names that I have. I have no idea how much he would have been willing to pay, it doesn’t matter though. Even as tough as things are financially right now, I can’t and wont sell out, not for any amount and not even to a friend….Well maybe if the government would abolish the IRS and start giving back our freedoms that have been stolen from us, then I might sell. But unless that day comes, APN is for all preppers. I’m not doing this for the money, I make very little from my sponsor ads and I only bring in about half of what my expenses are, the rest I pay for out of my own pocket.

The prepper networks are our place to share and exchange prepping tips, ideas and information. Information that we must get out to the masses to learn from. “Freedom, through teaching others self reliance” That’s our motto.

If you have an article that you’d like to post, please contact either myslef, Riverwalker or Bullseye so that we can share that information with others. Any article that you share will have a link back to your site along with crediting you as the source. Remember, without your continued support of sharing information we wouldn’t be here.

Be watching for a 3 part giveaway contest for 3 stun guns over the rest of this month and next month. Plus, dont forget the current 3 contests that are running now: LifeLine First Aid Kit, Survival Seed Vault Sampler Kit, and Bulldog Gun Case. Get your giveaway widget for more chances to win.

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