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More letters from Karen…Blind Prepper in Massachusettes

Here’s a couple more letters from Karen, friend, and blind prepper in Massachusetts. Here is someone who is far more of a survivalist than most of us. She’s been emailing me from time to time regarding her situation and how she survives. Times are getting pretty tough for her, so if there is anyone who can help, or has a place that she can stay let me know. She can more than pull her own weight and loves to garden. It doesn’t matter where you live, she can travel across the country and she needs someone she can trust and a place to bug out to when SHTF. Anyway here are 2 of her letters.

Hi software setup doesn’t work. It keeps repeating the paragraph over and over. not sure the problem. Some webpages not friendly. If you are interested in what is, go to AFB, American Foundation for the Blind, or Then you’ll see what is. Unfortunate would like to participate more here…glad to write for you once in awhile if I have anything to offer. Have been storing up freeze-dried foods but think better way is a dryer and do-it-yourself more economical. but for those of us who have nothing, no cash and limits by the government, we have no resources. Often, Tom the disabled are the first to suffer long before anyone else under the governmental yoke of darkness so to speak, evil men do evil things. The disabled are under such a system with Medicaid that we aren’t left with any choices. No financial stability since nobody will hire us, and there are eighty percent unemployed throughout the disabled population although most have college degrees. People don’t understand that we are able not disabled by our conditions have learned to cope those of us who are well-adjusted that is. Many are not, but if you want to know great folks, the guide dog community is full of people who should be good examples to everyone. Ex. my last guide dog class when I got Harpo, there were two three teachers, one bank president, one history college professor..and many students in college still in their twenties. But after college jobs can’t be found even when economy is good, people won’t hire us. So we are left under the governmental yoke I call it, slavery with only social security. Did you know that blind are only allowed two thousand in bank accounts so if you have an emergency nobody can do a thing, and I have often had to beg from my friends, and the public for assistance and money? If we were allowed more in the account we could save for emergencies, ex. robberies, fires, other disasters in life. But as of now, most blind folks can’t reach the end of the month, and many is the week I had nothing in the freezer at the end of a month. So, if sighted think they lead a hard life, it isn’t the disability that drags us down, it is the restrictions put upon us by others, and the government controlling every aspect of our lives and starvation. Starvation is SSI and social security with nowhere to turn. ex. my rent went up and was saved from the street by my college buddy who stepped up to the plate and added onto our rent so we could stay under a roof. So I laugh when people gripe about a fifteen percent unemployment rate with disabled unemployment rate at eighty percent. Wait I said ruefully until sighted have an eighty percent unemployment rate and they will see what suffering and starvation is all about…my soapbox is over…sorry but have to get this out. In a few weeks since my situation is so bad, back to starvation once more..put out by lawyers…everything gone wrong with my mother’s estate…thanks for listening.

Karen, Harpo, and the piggies

Just where else did your tax dollars get waisted

Let’s get it all out! Just where else did your tax dollars get taken and wasted? I’ll tell you without a doubt. Did you know… When blind children are little and the doctor discovers that they are blind they are immediately required by law to report to the state? Well, it is so throughout the U. S. Oh, you say, how could that be a bad thing since you would be able to get help? What help? Someone who isn’t familiar with your family situation rummaging through your house, a social worker perhaps, asking you a thousand questions you would rather not answer. Is this help? I ask you. And my friends, how about the fear played upon by the social workers making parents fearful that the state will take away their disabled family member? Yes, it’s true. They are still encouraged to give blind children up to the dreadful state controlled schools for the blind which are often violent on the inside and not in good condition physically on the sites. My mother suffered such a fear I believe until I was 21 when nobody could do anything to us. How about those visits where the state workers say of course they will help you, and do absolutely nothing to improve your situation. This is not to say that every once in awhile you will meet somebody decent to do the right thing. Oh, how my family used to dread these visits!! Hard to get rid of those workers without them turning on you and putting something dreadful in your records which never vanishes but stays on your records to cause you to be blacklisted. That’s right. The agencies for the blind make many promises which never pan out. An example is when they tell the blind person, their client, that all will be great and that they will get employment for them and convince some employer that with tax benefits he should hire a blind person. This won’t happen. After two or three years of endless paperwork of the state the agency will often close your case, label you for some reason either as not cooperative, or mentally deranged, and since they have enough clients to fill required federal number requirements, your case will be closed never to be opened again, and you are left to sit wondering what went wrong. Do you think this is fair to a blind population who has mostly spent its life going to college for their education and now has no employment? If you think this isn’t true, I urge you to look on the web. While surfing one evening out of curiosity, I asked the question, “How many agencies actually place blind in employment?” and “what percentage is receiving employment from each agency?” Ah my friends, here it is. Each state has an agency for the blind in the United States. Out of all these agencies, only ten blind persons were employed by these agencies, all of them in one year’s time. Gee, a lot of those workers must be downing a lot of coffee at their desks as they shuffle paper around and around without getting anywhere. Don’t you think? Some services work out quite well, and thank goodness for that but instructors are often substandard. This would include mobility services which orient the blind to their towns and layout for travel safety. But this is about all in my opinion. I did work for one of these agencies for six years, so I’m entitled to an opinion. I saw little good for clients, and I didn’t get done half of what I would have liked to get done due to restrictions by the agency. So with disgust after that time, I quit. Also friends, did you know that it is illegal for workers for the state to have liquor at the agency? Just a side note. I myself don’t drink, a result of my upbringing, and also medical issues with my eye disease. In fact, most workers in these agencies are sighted people, and I discovered that every day even before eight in the morning there was plenty of liquor to be had in that office. I won’t say which state I worked for, but have heard from friends all of this can be found in every state of the country. So if you think for one minute people who are blind get services, let me clue you in. Most don’t. and some do because they push someone or know someone to get it done, perhaps a senator or somebody with power. An example is a couple I knew of who seemed to be favorites. They would get every piece of new computer technology known to man from an agency, and were proud of it. To this day nobody I know understands how they got all that when none of the rest of us could get counselors in the agency to do anything at all.. I know things happened if clients got senators to call in the agency. But friends, after awhile, you do get tired of the politics and fighting all the time. There is little for any blind person to look forward to in our country especially with agencies being cut off from funds due to the economy, and we are one of the lowest of low classes in the country with the eighty percent unemployment rate. So the next time you find a blind person needing help, just ask if he wants it, and if he does give him a hand up…
Karen, Harpo, and the piggies

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