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You Can’t Help Anyone Who’s Not Willing To Help Themselves

by: matthiasj Kentucky Preppers Network

If you’re reading this then you’re probably a prepper, or at least a person that see’s prepping as beneficial. But there are a lot of people out there that don’t prep and don’t think it’s worth anything to do. I’m also sure that most people reading this know some people, possibly family members and close friends that refuse to prep or think it is nonsense. These are the very same people you have preached to over and over about the importance of prepping against the looming economic collapse and real chance of unemployment.

Now the SHTF and those same people are starving and suffering. Their precious government and FEMA are nowhere to be found, and they’re left stuck to take care of themselves. Well people have forgotten how to take care of themselves. The “nanny state” has spoiled the masses with just in time delivery at all supermarkets. Nobody could fathom store shelves being empty despite it being a real possibility.

So what do you do? You’ve prepped and are eating and rationing and making it through as good as you can. You certainly don’t have enough to feed everyone in the neighborhood, and might not even have enough to feed yourself for more than a couple months. This is where a prepper HAS to draw the line. As much as you would hate to, a simple “I told you so” would suffice in this situation. You tried and tried to get these people to prepare and they refused and laughed in your face.

You cannot help someone if that person is unable or unwilling to help themselves.

Giving them a little food now won’t help you or them.

They made their decision and choose their own fate.

This might sound harsh but could mean the difference in life and death for yourself, and your preparedness is all about preserving your own life. Sometimes I look at people; elderly people, or people in financial trouble, and feel sorry for them and their situation. I’m pretty compassionate and sometimes it bothers me to see people down in the dumps. But there is always two sides to everything. Most people are poor or obese or in bad health due to their own bad choices and decisions. A plethora of knowledge is at anyone’s fingertips. There is no excuse anymore to be dumb or ignorant. All the knowledge you could ever fill your brain with is free at your fingertips. These same people that I feel sorry for sit on their lazy asses all day long stuck in front of a TV and eating unhealthy food. No wonder they’re ignorant, out of shape, and in bad health. Everyone knows that those types of practices will lead to poor health; that’s just common knowledge.

Lots of people are in tough situations and lots of those people overcome them. It takes hard work and determination, just like prepping does. So it’s hard not to feel sorry for someone, especially someone that you tried helping and refused your help, that is in a tough situation (ie. hungry due to economic depression). I know that given a SHTF situation things would be different but “sharing” your preps with someone who refused to prep solely on the basis that it wouldn’t do them any good should not be something you would want to do.

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