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I got the following 2 emails from Prepared in TN of Tennessee Preppers Network

Field Dentistry Class

Don’t know if you all saw or heard about this – a Field Dentistry Class to be held in TN on August 14-15. Anyone ever been to any of the classes at Medical Corps?

Here’s the info:

Found this on SurvivalBlog –




I thought that SurvivalBlog readers might be interested in a Dental class being conducted by Dr. Loomis (DDS) in Tennessee. Tom Loomis has been teaching at our classes for almost as long as we have had the school. On August 14-15 he will be teaching a Field Dentistry class near his office in Tennessee. The student will get the unheard of chance to fill cavities, replace broken or missing crowns, extract teeth and use a high speed dental drill. The drill is the same type used in any dental office. Several years ago I asked him if he could convert the air turbine drill to run off a simple [compressed] air tank which could be recharged with a bicycle air pump. He did and we now use EMP proof high speed dental drills. In fact some class members have even purchased these rigs for their survival retreats. If any of your readers are interested in completing their training with a good dental course, please contact:

Dr. Tom Loomis, DDS

Best Regards, – Chuck Fenwick, Director, Medical Corps

Prepared In TN

MRE Recall – Dairyshake

Hi again, everyone,

I know that many of you probably have some of these stored away – the DoD has issued a recall on Dairyshake powders in MREs manufactured between June 2007 – June 2009:

From: Stars and Stripes
July 3, 2009




A militarywide recall has been issued for Dairyshake powders found in Meals, Ready to Eat (MREs) and Unitized Group Rations-Express (UGR-Es).

Plainview Milk Products Cooperative in Minnesota issued the voluntary recall after a Food and Drug Administration inspection found salmonella contamination on some of the facility’s equipment, according to an FDA news release dated June 29.

The dairy cooperative might have shipped nonfat dry milk, fruit stabilizers, whey protein, and gum products contaminated with the bacteria between June 2007 and June 2009, according to the Defense Supply Center.

People should not consume the Dairyshake powder rations and should destroy any Dairyshake powders contained in the meals.

The products affected by the recall are the vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and strawberry-banana flavors of the Dairyshake powder.

“The remainder of the MRE/UGR-E menu is consumable and should not be discarded/destroyed,” a DSC news release said.

Prepared In TN

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