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Frugal Prepping Ideas: Manager’s Special

Hi everyone! Dean in Az rambling on yet again.

Ok,let’s face it… time’s are getting tight.Even if you have a good job, how long will it last? Even if it’s an almost gauranteed job, with any inflation, deflation, whatever, you still need to watch the budget.  How can we prep and plan without busting the bank?

Unless you have an excess amount of cash, we all can’t get the goodie’s we’d all like to have.  I’ve been VERY lucky with yard sale’s and Goodwill, but I still don’t have all the toy’s I need, like a wheat grinder or such.  I have a pressure canner, a dehydrator, and a meat grinder – all yard sale item’s and almost new in the box to boot!
Now what to do with them all?

We all know the routine of canning garden stuff, using coupon’s and so on, so I won’t cover that again.  If the brand name is more $, but you have a coupon, it still may be more $ than the store brand, so watch that catch.

My favorite trick is to go grocery shopping on Tuesday.  Why Tuesday?  Well, the new ad’s come out on Wednsday…  that mean’s any extra from last week will be a “Manager’s Special”!!

I’ve picked up roast’s and steak’s with a half off tag on them!  Sure, it may not be as red as the fresh one next to it, but if you freeze it, can it, or dehydrate it right away – who care’s?  If it has a half price tag on it, I always check it out!  Last week I bought a 10 pound bag of chicken leg’s and thigh’s for .29 cent’s a pound in 10 pound bags.  I’ve been canning it since!

The biggest issue is storage.  I have a pretty full deep freeze, a pantry of canned food, can’s of dehyrated stuff all over!  I rotate it all as much as I can so I know what I like, what to try again etc.

Keep your eye’s open for special’s, discontinued item’s, and double coupons!
Dean in az

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