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I’d like to get it, but where do I put it? Food Storage storage.

I have a lot of friends who think having a stockpile of food is a good idea, but they just don’t know where to put it. Unless you live in a tiny apartment, this really isn’t a valid excuse; you just have to think outside the box!

Your food storage has only a few needs in order to be safe. These are:
Protection from air.
Protection from moisture.
Protection from insects.
Protection from extreme temperatures (for most items).

How you accomplish this is a mystery to many, but actually easily solved. First, a barrier between the food is needed and this can be a hard barrier, such as a jar, a Tupperware type container or a tub. It can also be a soft barrier, such as a bag like a siplock or vacuum bag or a Mylar bag. Which is best depends on the food you are hoping to preserve or extend the life of. Next is a way to remove the air. Air will speed the deterioration of the food product.


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