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New Template

Changes in the template. I learned to hack a little with these templates and got a menu bar up instead of using the widget. It should load faster. I love the patriotic red white and blue colors I had before but decided to drop the red and dark blue sidebars and go light blue to make it easier to read. Besides that, it actually makes the eagle and American flag stand out better anyway. I can’t please everyone, but decided to forgo my own desires to reach a wider audience. Light blue and light grays seem to work well for almost anyone, whether they are elderly, have bad eyesight or are dyslexic. The widget hogged too much bandwidth and made it difficult for people with dialup to load. If you would like to have a menu bar on your site like this one, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help set it up for you. I’ll offer it as a free service to any prepper network moderator who would like to improve their template design.

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