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What About Saving Your Survival Library

Author: William Lankes

What about saving your library…you do have one don’t you?
It is absolutely vital for the continued existence of our species that the information contained within our prepper’s websites and our own personal libraries becomes known, saved, and passed down to future generations. This will greatly increase you and your neighbor’s family’s chances for survival while enhancing levels of wisdom, sustainability, self-reliance and personal security. I am a strong believer that we are all teachers and we are all students.
While creating a library, you don’t have to spend outrageous amounts of money for books, pamphlets, and CD’s to learn how to prepare and survive future catastrophes. You now have access to look up free information on the internet while the internet is still available. If you don’t know where to look, begin by searching your favorite websites and ask the creators of the site for references and assistance. When you find the information you feel will be beneficial to you and is relevant to your area of the world, learn it, and practice it….most importantly, share the information and back it up to be used again later. After all, the primary reason most of us got into prepping is to provide others with a set of practical strategies and solutions applicable to solving the problems which now confront us.
Sometime ago, I had read an outstanding article at concerning backing up important information onto thumb drives in case of an emergency. It’s a great idea; if something happens, you can just grab the thumb drives and go; that is, if you have a laptop or other computer and printer to access. The site points out the importance of maintaining files, protecting those files, and dispersion. I think everyone should give it a read, if nothing more than to remind yourself to make a backup of your important documents. You can follow that article here: Your Life In Your Pocket. The only two cents I can add about the article is that it is mostly focused on digital mediums for backing up all the documents and I am a firm believer in redundant backups.
In reality, the United States can get hit by one or many Nukes or Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) devices in our life time. If all your documents are backed up in a digital format and the power goes out for the next few years; how are you going to access your information if all the electronic devices you have are fried? Batteries, in any form, will only last for so long. My suggestion is that you trade boxes of information with other family members, including your library. If either your residence or your other family member’s residence is destroyed in some manner, you will always have a copy at another relative’s home which you can retrieve. Although saving to a thumb drive is a great idea, how many of those have you lost, deleted, written over, or broke?

There is no doubt that humanity now faces multiple and simultaneous threats. It is, therefore, up to each one of us to plan and prepare for the disasters most likely to strike the regions in which we live, and take countermeasures to reduce the potentially harmful consequences. The coming years will not be easy for us. However, if we unite and work together in cooperation, we will survive these dark times and live to plant the seeds of a far more enlightened and sustainable existence.

William Lankes

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