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Who wants a 3 column blogger template?

I’m offering my services for free to anyone who wants a 3 column blogger template, a wider template so you can add more stuff, or to change your template without losing your widgets. Yes, I can do this without losing the widgets….Is there a catch for doing this? Is it really free? Well, free as in you don’t have to pay for it with worthless fiat currency. But because it does take up a lot of valuable time that I would otherwise use for working on and helping out the prepper sites, I do need something in return. We’ll call it a barter. All that I ask for is some ad space that will help promote APN and help me to support the prepper networks. It’s that simple! Depending on what template you have, I can double, triple or even quadruple the amount of usable links, widgets, or sponsor space that you have on your blog. All that I ask for is a little space (space that wasn’t there before) somewhere on one of your sidebars to help support our efforts. Sure, you can search google and find ways to hack your templates, but do you really have the time to spend the hours needed to read, study and learn how it’s done? Do you have the time to experiment by trial and error only to possibly lose all of your widgets? A little barter is a small price to pay for a great service, and that barter will go a long way to help our movement in learning and teaching others self-reliance

Here are some other things I can help with:
-rotating banners (any size)
-scrolling marquees
-blinking text
-wider templates
-3, 4, or 5 column templates
-taglines (for when leaving comments)

and most of all….No Worthless Fiat Cash is required for these services….Barter, it’s the Prepper way.

To upgrade your blog with any of these services just email me at: and include the words “Help With Blog Template” in the title of your email.

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