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Why Preppers Should Consider Homeschooling

I don’t remember when I first became convinced that homeschooling was the only type of education I wanted for our children. I do know it was long before I ever became pregnant. Now that we’ve finished our fifth year of homeschooling, and we’ve started taking prepping seriously, I’m more glad than ever of our choice.

The foremost benefit for preppers is that homeschooling provides a continuous flow of education in spite of changing circumstances. Any event that would normally disrupt the school year doesn’t have nearly the same impact for homeschoolers. During a time of intense stress and change, a homeschooling family is together, along with the reassurance and the anchor that only parents can provide.

If a family decides to move to another location or has to evacuate for a time, other than losing some time in the moving process, kids can pick up their schooling right where they left off. The trauma of leaving one school and starting over in another is a non-issue. A multitude of free homeschooling resources on the web can take the place of more expensive curriculum if need be.

Who knows how the H1N1 flu will affect the coming school year, but in case a pandemic hits, hard, homeschooled kids will already be at home, along with their textbooks, computers, and everything else they need for learning. School closings and quarantines will be one less thing to worry about.

If the idea of homeschooling has ever crossed your mind, there is still time to make that decision for this fall. You’ll find a variety of helpful articles here. There are thousands of resources online, but for basic information for beginners, here are a few of my favorite sites.


Donna Young

Guilt-Free Homeschooling

The free curriculum I personally use can be found at Ambleside Online.

If you’re worried about socialization, I present to you my two children. Bella, age 10, is in a sewing class, on a swim team, cheerleading squad, takes piano lessons, and is pretty much in charge of our neighborhood’s group of kids. Chris, age 7, can talk with anyone about anything, anywhere, anytime. He plays football, takes guitar lessons, is also on a swim team, and attracts little girls like moths to a flame. Our homeschooling has given them the time to develop practical skills, like canning and gardening, that would otherwise be limited by public school hours and homework. If you still need convincing, read this excellent article.

Feel free to email me at with homeschooling questions you’d like me to answer personally. I have found that homeschooling parents are generally eager to share their experiences and offer advice and suggestions, and chances are, there are homeschooling activity groups and co-ops in your area.

“Follow your heart”, isn’t always the best advice, but when it comes to homeschooling, I think it’s an excellent guide. If your heart is telling you to, at least, consider homeschooling, there’s no better time to do that than right now.

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