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Frugal Prepping – Saving on Cell Phones

Now as a prepper, one should know how to survive without cellphones altogether and realistically a hard core prepper would have no need for one. But even for conveniences such as cell phones it’s best to find deals that will save you money. Our family uses a family plan with shared minutes rather than each of us having our own plan. We also use a lot of minutes and especially because I’m on the road a lot we got a bundle plan that allows us free nights and weekends, free long distance, free roaming, free calling for up to 10 other friends and relatives and free calling to each other on our cell phones as well as broadband wireless internet all for about $220 a month. Divide that between 5 people and that’s about $32 a month for each of us (not counting the internet) for almost unlimited calling to anywhere in the U.S. from anywhere in the U.S. Oh, there are no kids on the plan, all adults and each is responsible for their portion of the bill, and we have no contract so we can cancel or change plan at any time.

Now this post was actually indended even for people with an individual plan. If you are nearing the end of your contract and think you may need a new phone soon, before you sign another contract or spend a couple hundered dollars on a new phone, stop and check at what your providers policy is on adding a pre-paid phone to your account. We happen to have Verizon, and verizons pre-paid phones are every bit as good as their expensive $120+ phones that they like to sucker you into a contract for, best of all they only cost about $20….oh you can even get the prepaids with cameras. But here’s a little tip, most store dealers will tell you that you can’t use the pre-paids on your account….oh but yes you can, Verizon will allow you to switch a pre-paid phone to your account if you’ve had the pre-paid phone active for at least 6 months….So if you are 6 months away from the end of your contract, consider buying a pre-paid phone that you can use as a new phone or even a backup when you reach the end of your contract. Once you’ve replaced your old phone with the newer 6 month old phone you might even consider buying a second pre-paid or even a third one as back ups and store them away somewhere, that way if you ever lose or break your phones you wont ever have to worry about buying an expensive $120 phone, buying insurance for your phones or signing a new contract.

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