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Preppers on the air

Emergency Communications
Be sure to check out our emergency communications affiliate: American Preppers Radio Net and their forum. Here you can not only learn about HAM Radio, but also anything about emergency communications. When the grid goes down, preppers are going to want to know how to communicate with people, and this is just the site for not only the experienced, but newbies as well to learn about the world of emergency communications.

Prepper Podcast
Matt has kicked off another Episode of the Prepper Podcast and this time he has Bullseye, the founder of the Kentucky Preppers Network. Big thanks to Zenon from Quebec Preppers Network for allowing Matt to use his music in the podcast. Be sure to support Zenon by visiting his site at:

Family Preparedness Guide Talk Show
Looks like James Talmage Stevens might be appearing twice a week now on his Family Preparedness Guide Talk Show during prime time. He’s asked about having preppers on his show again. If you are interested in appearing as a guest on the show please email me at

And since this is Frugal Friday I will be working on a post for later tonight about our “Prepper Bug-In-Location”….We’ve never had a Bug out retreat as we’ve always lived where we plan to Bug out to. I’ll give some tips and advice on what my wife has done to get our power bill down to about $50 a month for the last couple months. No we dont have solar , wind or hydro electric power, It’s all been done through frugal prepping by cutting waste….Matter of fact, we are just a few steps away from being completely off grid and living like pioneers.

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