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Sticking with The Plan

One of the things that I am finding is important is to stick with the plan I have for food storage. How much and what is in my food storage. This involves one of my least favorite things….paperwork!
There are many different types of food storage calculators (easily found by searching “food storage calculators) on line. I decided to make my own with an Excel sheet by simply labeling at the top 4 columns in this manner:
Item name
Storage Goal
On Hand
Recent Price

By using Excel, anything I put in will automatically update. However….that means that I need to remember to update it! I’m printing off my sheet and will put it on a clip board with a pencil attached and hanging it near my food storage area. I can always update later on the computer, say every couple of months or so, but I will always have that sheet on hand to fill in as I add or take away from my storage. When I go to the “big box store” or whatever, I can even take it with me and when I see a “deal” I will take advantage of it.
For those of you who don’t have Excel, or want it, you can do the same thing by hand. I like using my own method instead of all the ones on line because they don’t record what I use. I will check those others to be sure I am “in the ball park” of their recommendations, but I don’t use some of what they suggest.
My personal method of food storage is called “store what you eat and eat what you store”, layered with what I call TEOTWAWKI. This layer includes items that will last for longer than 10 years and will be used once/if availability of my more frequently used favorite becomes hard to get or afford. It also includes items that will be used as our life style changes and I move to simpler food choices. For example, while boxed mac and cheese is handy and the kids like it, I really want to move us towards a more natural and easier to obtain food. It can still be mac and cheese, but it will be more home made. At first with purchased macaroni and purchased or stored cheese, but eventually the goal is home made pasta and cheese.
My goal is not only to have enough food stored for us to get through “season to season” but to reduce our dependence on outside sources for that food. It’s a hard goal and will require many changes in our habits and life style, but when it comes down to it, I want to be the one I rely on, not the government or the grocer. The more independent we can be, the better our quality of life is and the less it will cost us. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t believe that the economy is bouncing back or that the dollar is safe. This in turn makes me very leery that our retirement will be there in 10 years when we go to use it. If we don’t start now, we would starve. IF nothing were to happen and we have no “economic failure”, then we will have learned how to live better and have more cash for other things.

As always, I welcome comments and your input on todays article!

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