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Guest Post From Dean

Hi Everyone!
Dean in Az with another random thought.
I thought I brought this subject up a while back.In fact,I know I did,but finally,Boniface’s treaty did the math.I tried to explain it,but he ran the number’s and made my statement a lot better.
The “rule” say’s we need 500 pound’s each of wheat,rice,bean’s,whatever.I’m not sure what that break’s down to per person after a fair ration,but he has it worked out pretty good.25 pound’s per person per month,if I recall.
So,let’s assume we need to bug out for a year…heck,let’s say a month..Something like a hurricane,a volcano,whatever.
Right off,you need 100 pound’s of grain,for a family of 4.Then you need a grinder.And water.And a generator,solar panel’s,battery’s,20k round’s of ammo.8 main battle rifle’s.Shelter.Propane,cook stove’s.
See where I’m headed? How do we haul all this? I have a 1 ton dually truck and a 20 foot flatbed,no way I’d get all I want with me!
Dean in az

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