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Preparing for… the best!

I posted this over at Ohio Preppers Network back in June. Mmpaints started a thread here at the APN forum about thinking long-term, having a Plan B. As I was commenting, I remembered I’d posted about something like what mmpaints was implicitly cautioning about. Here’s the June post in its entirety. Thought I would share.

Preparing for… the best!

Here’s the initial observation: things are bad. I do not need to tell you this. You’ve only been blogging around for 10 minutes and already you’re anxious, mad as hell, frustrated, or some miserable combination of all these. Things are bad. Sure, you’re trying to prepare for the worst, but you know you’re no where near where you should be if SHTF this afternoon. It could. It did one bright fall morning just a few years back.

But here’s another observation: the BEST things do happen.

[I’ll wait while that sinks in.]

I’m not talking about the little good things in life– the first tomato of the season, the first grouping all in the inner circle, the spontaneous hug from your kid– I’m talking about the BEST things.

A BEST thing happened recently to us, and I am ashamed to say, we were not prepared. And being unprepared for this BEST thing that we’d been hoping for years would happen, is now costing us valuable time, and money.

What might these BEST things be? I’ll start with ours, and then suggest some others. But ultimately, only you and your family know what these BEST things are, and how they might affect your lives. Only you can make the necessary preparations.

Dear husband (DH) and I are from the South. A career move took us to Cincinnati. And while we have nothing against Cincinnati– in fact we’ve had a great time here, learned a lot, developed many skills, etc.– we don’t care for the climate, and we are just not city-folk at heart. So we’ve dreamed of moving back down South and buying a farm. In DH’s line of work this was not out of the question– he can make his own opportunities and apply for positions whenever and wherever they open up. Of course the problem is that these opportunities aren’t a dime a dozen. So here we are going about our business in Cincinnati when… poof and out of the blue… our BEST thing happened! We’re moving to rural Mississippi!

Unfortunately, and although we’ve dreamed of, and sought out, an opportunity like this for several years, and although we knew that this BEST thing would eventually happen because we wouldn’t stop looking and working for it, we were not prepared when it did happen. So instead of being in Mississippi right now looking for farmland, we are scurrying to get our house here in Cincinnati on the market. Everything we’re doing– from purging the basement of worn out fishing gear to ridding the attic of blown out Christmas lights, from painting woodwork to stripping wall paper, everything– could have been done before. But wasn’t.

Our BEST thing is the opportunity to move. And we will. But not as soon as we might have, had we been prepared.

What is your BEST thing?

Winning the lottery? Sure, you’d pay off your bills. But what if you win $5000, and are $20,000 in debt? Paying off some will affect your credit score more than others. Do you know which are which?

A baby? Whoa. You weren’t expecting that! But it might be the BEST thing that’s ever happened. Are you prepared to live off one income for a few months or years?

Stumbling upon a gun store stocked with reasonably priced ammo? Hey, these days some of us would consider this one of the BEST things that could happen. If you do, do you have $100 squirreled away in your wallet for just such an occasion?

As preppers, we deal in “what if?” situations. Naturally, we tend to focus on the worst case scenarios because if we’re prepared for the worst, the bad isn’t all that bad. But I think there’s some value in thinking through the BEST case scenarios from time to time. If we had, we’d be in Mississippi.

UPDATE: 11/22/09 The summer’s over and we are in Mississippi– on our 60 acre farm. Our “urban farm” in Cincinnati sold. Summer was hell– horrible, firey, dreadful hell– mostly b/c we weren’t prepared for the BEST. If you are working toward a Plan B, be prepared. 

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