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2 FREE James Stevens E-Books!

In Cooperation with James Stevens of
Making The Best of Basics

Family Preparedness Guide Talk Show

We are Excited to announce 2 FREE E-books

You will get both the ..

E/Pak (72 Hr Emergency/Preparedness Action Kit) Valued at $14.95


Getting Your Household In Order
– Family Preparedness Household Notebook Valued at $16.95

A total value of $31.90 absolutely free!

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Here is what you will get with your e-books…

Your personal 72 hour Emergency/ Preparedness Action Kit

List of Chapters and Subjects:

My Mothers Wisdom
Survival Or Preparedness Kits?
It’s Your Choice-Minimal…Or More?
State Natural Disasters Vulnerability Chart

  • Chart 1 – Potential Weather-Related Disasters by State

Designing Your Emergency/Preparedness Action Kit
“Bug-Out” Or Not?
E/PAK Categories
Emergency Preparedness Action Kit (E/PAK) Checklist

  • Chart 2 – Personal E/PAK Selections
  1. Category1- Drinking Water
  2. Category2- Comfort Foods List
  3. Category3- First Aid Supplies List
  4. Category4- Personal Care Items List
  5. Category5- Utensils, Tools, and Emergency Supplies List

Why Only 72-Hour Emergency Preparedness?
E/PAK-Some Essential Guidelines
To Leave?…or Not to Leave?…That is the Question!
But, If You Must Leave…

  • Chart 3 – Emergency Contact Information
  • Chart 4 – Emergency Contact Information
  • Chart 5 – Out-of-Area Contacts
  • Chart 7 – Confidential Family Information
  • Emergency Preparedness Begins at Home

Who You Gonna Call…?

Getting Your Household In Order – Family Preparedness Household Notebook

Chapters / Subjects

The Family Preparedness Household Notebook
Suggestions for getting Organized

  • Chart 1 – Records Retention & Storage Chart

Worksheets for Organizing Information

  • Chart 2 – Directory of Family Preparedness Household Notebook Worksheets

Category 1. Emergency Information
Worksheet 1 – Important Emergency Telephone Numbers
Category 2. Family Information
Worksheet 2A – Family Members
Worksheet 2B – Individual Family Member Records
Worksheet 2C – Location of Family Documents
Category 3. Personal Insurance
Worksheet 3A – Life Insurance
Worksheet 3B – Health and Hospitalization Insurance
Worksheet 3C – Accident and Disability Insurance
Category 4. Financial Records
Worksheet 4A – Banking Accounts
Worksheet 4B – Financial Advisors
Worksheet 4C – Contents of Safe Deposit Box
Worksheet 4D – Record of Credit and Debit Cards
Worksheet 4E – Record of Debts
Worksheet 4F – Record of Money Owed Us
Worksheet 4G – Record of Personal Property Loaned To Others
Worksheet 4H – Equities in Stocks, Mutual Funds, Treasuries, and Corporate Bonds
Worksheet 4I – Precious Metals and Other Investments
Category 5. Real Estate & Property
Worksheet 5A – Real Estate and Property Insurance
Worksheet 5B – Property and Household Inventory
Worksheet 5C – Photos / Videos of Property and Household Items
Worksheet 5D – Real Estate and Property Descriptions
Worksheet 5E – Real Estate Financials
Worksheet 5F – Record of Major Home Improvements
Category 6. Business Information
Worksheet 6A – Business Interests
Worksheet 6B – Business Property Insurance
Category 7. Guidelines for Survivors
Worksheet 7 – Final Disposition Information and Guidelines

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