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Emergency Kit for Motorcycles

This is a list of recommended items for motorcycle riders. This is a partial re-post of an article posted on Kansas Preppers Network.

Your motorcycle emergency (prep) kit should include (either saddles bags, or a pack tied to your sissy bar)

a canteen
basic wrenching tools (mechanic)
a tarp and rope, if not a pup tent
Small first aid kit
prepaid calling card
zip ties
A hip knife
A utility tool
Duct tape
A compass with magnifying glass
wind-up (no batteries) radio/flashlight/signal beacon
flint and steel
Cloth (usually a hand towel or other)
Space blanket
A GPS or paper maps
A cell phone
and your ICE tag (In Case of Emergency Contact numbers)

Now motorcycles can go where other vehicles can’t, you might want to include a tire patch kit just in case a little off roading is necessary. Remember to keep a cool head, and always know where you are, and where you should be going.

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