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APN on Wikipedia

A couple weeks ago someone had sent me this link: It’s a Wikipedia page for APN. At first I thought it was pretty cool to have our site on Wikipedia, but after a few minutes of looking it over, I was rather embarrassed to post about it. That’s why I hadn’t said anything about this yet. The page originally had my name on there and it had very few references to any of our members. This network is not about me, it is about all of you and all of our members that make it happen. You will see now, on the recent update, that my name has been removed at my request and that a few of the people who have done some of the recent media interviews have now have been added to the page. APN congratulates those people who’ve come forward to represent preppers in good light.

I’m glad that those who were interviewed came forward and accepted the opportunities. We’ve asked several to do these interviews and most people, for whatever reason, turn them down. Maybe because of the fear that they will be misquoted or taken out of context or labeled as an extremist. Maybe due to time constraints or whatever the reason may be and that’s perfectly fine, Your OPSEC is certainly something that’s important to be aware of and to take into consideration. Fortunately, some have stepped forward to represent preppers, and I think those who have been interviewed have done an outstanding job. Not all who accepted these opportunities for interviews have had the chance yet, but I’m sure there will eventually be more, and I think they too will do an excellent job representing us.

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