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Preppers and Survivalists

The best definition of a prepper I have ever seen was done right here: prepper: One Who Prepares. Period

All Newbies Welcome!

Just by virtue of your actions to take the time to learn new information in order to prepare makes you a prepper. Everyone has to start somewhere. You’ve made a choice to take that first step and we welcome all those who are ready to start.

This is not the place to flame, belittle or criticize someone who is new. Now I’ve done my fair share of rants against the “sheeple” in the past, but you won’t see me doing it anymore. I’ve learned from my own mistakes. I realize that it’s wrong to belittle someone if you are trying to teach them something new. We’ve all had to start somewhere, none of us were born preppers. If you are just starting out, you are going to get discouraged if you hear all the ranting about people who are like you or who are like what you used to be. Think of it this way, if you’ve ever had some sort of addiction like lets say smoking; how does it make you feel if you are trying to kick the habit and all you hear are people ranting and raving about how they hate smokers? Well, if you are a newbie who was once a sheeple, you aren’t going to want to hear those sorts of rants, it’s going to turn you off to what you came to learn.

I’m going to talk a little about trucking because it’s what I know and it relates very well to prepping. As a matter of fact, you MUST be self-reliant and a prepper in order to be a trucker. There’s just no way you can last very long out on the road and away from home if you aren’t self-reliant and unable to deal with the stresses that come with the job.

You don’t get a million miles accident and ticket free by calling yourself an “experienced trucker”. You reach that goal by being a “Professional Driver” and being a professional driver starts the very first time you get into a truck to learn how to drive and make it up in your mind that you ARE going to do this and you ARE going to do it safely and professionally.

I learned from the very first day of being a Driver Trainer that you don’t bash your students. No teacher will ever be successful by criticizing the ones they are trying to teach. In my career, I could see that those people who in their arrogance, would criticize and belittle student drivers all the time and then turn around and brag about their own experience, were often the most unsafe drivers I had met. Many of them would tailgate, speed, take corners too fast, not get out and look when they were backing and even cut off fellow truck drivers when making lane changes. These people would brag about their experience and they would say, “I can handle it, I’ve been doing this 10 years, I know what I’m doing, I know my limits.” These people may have been doing it for a long time and may have been claiming to be “experienced” but these people are NOT professionals. I’ve seen many of these “Experienced” drivers go on to rear end other drivers or roll their trucks in ditches. Out of all the students that I have trained, only a handful failed. Many went on to become trainers themselves and win safety awards. There is no better reward for a teacher than to see their students go on to excel and in some cases do better than they have. It’s not about how much experience you have (although that is important), It’s not about how old or wise you are (although that is also important), but the biggest and most important factors are your drive, ambition and willingness to learn to do things right.

Prepping and Survivalism are no different in this aspect. If you are a newbie and you are trying to prepare, then you are a prepper and you are welcome here. Everyone of us are in different stages of the learning process. “Professional” survivalists will also agree that even the most experienced survivalists are still in the learning process.

Our forums are about the exchange of ideas and sharing of information. Not all of the information in our forums is 100% accurate and we don’t claim it to be. Newbies, just like a student in a classroom walking up to the chalk board to solve a problem, may come onto our forum and post information. Sometimes that information is incorrect. But, like the bullies in the classroom, it is just plain wrong to ridicule someone for making a mistake. A good teacher will share the facts and help to make the correction rather than belittling the student. By making our forums a comfortable place for newbies to be, we are able to get more information out that some may feel afraid to post on other forums for fear of ridicule. A newbie can come here and feel good about sharing that “new thing” that they just learned. Even if it’s old news, we are glad to hear. If it’s erroneous information then we have professionals who are willing to share the facts with you rather than ridiculing you. If anyone ever makes fun of or criticizes you on our forums then we want to know about it because that’s not the attitude we want in our group

Survivalists: There are people who “claim” to be experienced survivalists and then there are people who “are” professional survivalists. You can find good professionals easy just by their attitude. Professionals are always there to help and not criticize and not tear others down. While I have great respect and admiration for Professional Survivalists and love to learn from them, I am neither an experienced survivalist nor a person who claims to be. I am a prepper because I prep.

The Professionals – (Real Survivalists): The title says it all. And we have some of them right here on our forums. These are Professional Survivalists like Riverwalker and Brian Brawdy, Professional homesteaders like PioneerLiving and Phelan, and professional disaster and preparedness people like Janet and James Stevens We’ve even got a doctor on our forum; LittleDoc
These people won’t criticize or ridicule one of our newbie members when they are wrong about something. No, what they do is present the facts and share that information in order to teach someting. These professionals are teachers who care.

Those who claim to be survivalists: These are the people who may or may not have survival experience but they will call themselves survivalists. I’m talking about the ones who don’t have the professional attitude. Many of them hate city dwellers and suburbanites and criticize them for who they are.

I was a bit surprised at first that Preppers are actually ridiculed more often on other forums by people who claim to be “experienced survivalists” than even by the liberals and socialists. Preppers have actually gotten some good reviews on some liberal forums. This is actually a good thing. This means people are waking up to self-reliance and realizing that the government is not the end all solution to our problems. Preppers have the ability to change the mindsets of millions of people and I believe that angers some. Think about what it can do for freedom in this country if we can wake socialists up to becoming more self-reliant. If everyone were self-reliant there would be no need for socialism. I think it’s the success of these newbie preppers that that angers some. Those that are angry are like the bullies in the classroom, they are always tearing others down to make themselves look better. Just like the bullies who are jealous and envious whenever a teacher recognizes one of the other students for a job well done, they are outraged to see newbie preppers in the media or posted about on a website for the good that they are doing. These types of angry people are harmful to the classroom.

They will criticize a soccer mom who’s taken some steps to store extra food for her family, and they will say things like “well she’s not good enough because what will she do when SHTF and the food runs out?” I say, Well give the woman a break! She’s taken a step to change her life. She wasn’t born a survivalist, you cant expect her to have all this experience and live like you do over night. These are the types of people who are always negative and unwilling to help the newbies. Oh, they may say they want to teach the newcomers, but they will go and ridicule them behind their backs. This is just like the truckers I see in the lounges who make fun of the student drivers. These people aren’t professionals because they spend their time tearing others down. These are the people with the “You don’t deserve what you got, because I’m better than you” attitude. These are the bullies in the classroom who beat up the new kid on the block because he got an “A” for recognition of the good deeds he’s done. Some of these survivalists will brag about what they know about guns, get out of dodge whatever. But in the end, unlike their Professional counter parts and unlike the newbies who’ve come to learn from the pros, they are no different than the arrogant truckers that I’ve talked about. The one’s who think they are better than everyone else, the ones who end up rolling their trucks. Arrogance will get you killed.

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