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Preppers, Survivalists, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI?…Oh boy!

So is it silly to prepare?

Imagine you are in a car heading down the freeway. The radio is blaring, kids screaming and you’re trying to text a message to a friend. Everything is fine, traffic is at a steady pace, not a worry in sight, right? Maybe, until your tire blows out, you swerve and lose control because you didn’t have both hands on the wheel, you roll your car while barreling down the highway at 65 mph…Oh did I mention, You didn’t put your seat belt on because you thought it was silly and nothing could ever happen to YOU right?

Needless to say, you get ejected from the car and plow head first in the grass. Thank God it wasn’t on the highway, because that would have been one hell of a road rash. But of course you do snap your neck, but you are alive. You are a survivor not a victim. What quality of life you have from here on out depends all upon your drive to survive, your morale, your self-esteem, your family and those who support you. You are a survivalist because you are surviving adversity. Every day of your life from here on out is a struggle of survival for you.

You my friend, have just experienced a SHTF (Sh**T Hits the fan) event.

Or commonly referred to as TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It)….Or as you knew it.. Yes. The End Of The World As YOU Knew it. All because you weren’t prepared. All because you didn’t wear your seat belt.

Is there a such thing as preparing too much? That’s a matter of perspective, but how often do you check the air in your tires? Maybe you could have prevented the tire blow out and saved your kids life as well…Oh I forgot to mention, one of them didn’t make it. Why? Because you weren’t prepared. you were distracted with your text messaging and had you checked your tires the indecent could have been avoided all together.

Survival is an instinct, preparedness is not. Preparedness has to be learned.

Your other child who was also in the vehicle survived and got out of the burning car because of his fight and instinct to survive, while his unconscious sibling burned to death. But you my friend, did not prepare. You could have avoided this whole tragedy had you taken a few simple steps of preparedness.

Preparedness is not an instinct. It has to be learned. You learn to wear your seat belt at an early age. You learn that checking your tires will help prevent accidents. You learn that texting while driving is dangerous and that your focus should be on the road, not the distractions around you.

This example of a disaster or a SHTF event, happens on a daily basis on our nations highways.

But it doesn’t have to be a car accident. It can be anything. It can be a flood, a tornado, earthquake, economic collapse, 2012, Apocalypse or mutant alien zombies from Mars.

I don’t care what you prepare for, Just Prepare.

Here is a guy and his family who didn’t prepare and evacuate like they were supposed to.

Man on Roof Video

How would you like to be in that situation?

No Nation on the face of this planet has always existed. ALL nations eventually collapse. There is no reason to believe the United States is immune.

Here is another nation who experienced what we are about to.

Argentina Economic Collapse

Sure I guess from the car crash example above that you can be an unprepared survivalist. But no wise survivalist ever goes unprepared. To be a true prepper takes proactive efforts in securing the future of your own survival, and the survival of those you care about.

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