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Using a Boat as a Bug Out Vehicle

Follow LocoGato as he shows you how to use a Boat as a Bug Out Vehicle

My last post was that I was going to be gone awhile as I deliver a boat from Honolulu to California. Still doing so but it has taken the better part of May to get the boat and crew ready. Saturday we set sail for California. Now why am I posting this here? Well you can also go to to follow the progress there. Many folks have expressed a desire to use a boat as a bug out vehicle, and unless you have many days at sea under your belt, doing so can be a very tiring and expensive proposition. Go to the blog and see what I mean. Meanwhile, I’ll be able to update that blog at sea and when I get home I’ll go into a detailed account as to what it take to spend a month or so at sea.
Be safe, be free
Loco Gato

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