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Can You Prep Too Much?

How could preparedness ever be a bad thing? Is it possible to over-prepare? In a word, yes.

Yes, if anything you are stocking up could be destroyed or ruined because you can’t properly store it.

One woman confessed to me that all her food was stored out in her Phoenix area garage! If your stored food and supplies are exposed to heat, intense cold, high humidity, and cannot be secured from the possibility of theft, then you may, indeed, be over-prepared. Two options are to radically de-clutter your home, garage, attic, and other storage spaces or rent a storage unit. The whole point of preparing is that you’ll having your goods available and in good condition when you need them!

Yes, if you have no idea what you have.

Too many preppers buy, buy, buy and end up with too much of one thing and not enough of another. Why have seven hammers and only one hatchet? Or forty-nine cans of pasta sauce and only twelve boxes of pasta? Keeping an inventory and know what you have. It will end up saving you money, space, and time in the long run.

Yes, if you have no idea how to utilize what you have.

What? Are you waiting for the prepper fairy to come down and teach you how to use that pressure canner or candle making kit? Stop procrastinating and learn how to grind that wheat and make a decent loaf of bread! If you don’t know how to use it, don’t buy it until you do or you’re sure you’ll have the time to learn.

Yes, if you’re neglecting your financial commitments in favor of expensive prepping.

Don’t go into foreclosure on your house because you’re purchasing a two-year food supply for every person in your family! Financial stability is, arguably, the most important part of being prepared for an uncertain future.

Yes, if you’re doing it thoughtlessly.

This isn’t the time to let your emotions rule your decisions. Have a plan. Make lists. Do your research. Compare prices. Apply what you’ve learned to your own circumstances and needs. Don’t mindlessly assume someone else’s recommendations will fit your situation.

Yes, if you’re preparing for the least likely emergency first.

HAZMAT suits and field medic kits may be all the rage among hard-core survivalists but won’t be of much help if you lose your job. I guess you could sell them on eBay, but seriously, prepare for the most likely emergencies and scenarios first! Winter is coming. Are you ready for a world class blizzard or ice storm? Do you live in an area threatened by earthquakes or wildfires? In our current economy, most individuals and families should prepare for a dramatic decrease in income first. The good news is that being prepared for one event helps you be prepared for others.

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