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Poisonous and Edible Insects, worms, fish and animals

Ok vegetarians and animal rights activists, close your eyes or hit your browsers back button.

Seriously now though, when you are starving you’ll eat just about anything and when in a survival situation where food is scarce you can’t afford to have prejudice towards edible food that has been provided to us in nature…and that includes those creepy crawly things.

Here is an informative pdf on using animals, insects, birds and worms for food that you can download for free.

What about poisonous and venomous critters?

Mammals.  There aren’t many of them in the world but they do exist.  Wikipedia has a list of them

Fish.  You are pretty safe here as well unless you are fishing in the ocean as there are no poisonous freshwater fish.  Just watch the barbs on catfish.  The barbs are somewhat venomous. Also, since catfish and other bottom feeders eat a lot of waste they tend to carry more toxins than most fish.  Especially with the level of pollution in some areas it’s not a good idea to live entirely on a diet of these types of fish.
Here is a link to information on venomous fish and invertebrates

Reptiles  Here is a list of poisonous snakes and lizards

Spiders and Insects.  Here is a list of dangerous Spiders and Insects

Dangerous Animals pdf  free for download.

US Army Survival Manual.  Also has a good list of animals for food as well as list of dangerous animals

Here are some resources on eating insects

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