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A quick cheap solution for extra space

A quick cheap solution for extra space 

A space issue we were having in the kitchen is addressed here. A drill, construction adhesive, and other materials were used. You could do this by getting a table from a yard sale, thrift store, local freecycle, or craigslist.You could also just add some wheels to your own kitchen table. The wheels you can buy them or maybe find them from yard sales or frugal finds. We actually bought the wheels at lowes a year ago and it took me until last week to find a table that was perfect enough for our needs.

Directions: Flip the table over drill a hole in each table leg that is the same size as the wheel fixture arm thing. Blow all the dust out of the holes. Squirt some construction adhesive(not a lot) in the holes and pop the wheels into place let sit for 10-15 minutes. Have someone help you flip the table back over. Let it sit on a flat level surface, putting some heavier objects on it to help weigh it down a bit, for 24-48 hours. This has worked very well for us anyway.

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