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A List of Items and Equipment for Bugging Out and for Holing Up in the Wilderness

This List contributed by:
Jacques B. Farnsworth

You can get the pdf here:
Bug-out List

MREs; Freeze Dried Food ie Mountain House, Richmoore, ect. 5 DAYS SUPPLY MINIMUM
Water Purification and Storage:
The Katadyn Pocket Microfilter: The most rugged, longest lasting Microfilter available, backed by a lifetime warranty.  The Pocket Microfilter’s solid design and construction makes it ideal for continuous use even in the most extreme circumstances.
Camelbak Omega Reservoir: Camelbak’s mil grade low-profile Omega baffled reservoir is designed with a reduced stack height for confined areas. The OMEGA Water Beast™ Reservoir is the ultimate delivery system for an operator’s water supply. The reservoir’s proven durability, OMEGA widemouth opening, and rugged materials ensure reliable water delivery during extreme operational situations. Includes Camelbak’s Big Bite Valve and HydroGuard. 
Personal Mobility:
Crewcab – (Personal Carry) 
VOLUME: 1900 cu-in (31l)- 5000 cu-in (82l) WEIGHT: 7 lbs 11 oz (3.5kg) (w/ NICE Frame) DIMENSIONS: 31-81″x12″x6″ (79-206cm x 53cm x 15cm) INTENDED USE: Load-Hauling, Day Hunts, Backpack Hunts FRAME SYSTEM:
NICE Frame System
The Crew Cab is a variable capacity pack made up of three separate compartments and multiple components that can be configured to carry loads that vary dramatically in size, shape and weight. The Crew Cab can be collapsed into a compact daypack or expanded for three to four day backpack hunts. The Crew Cab’s integrated expandable platform area is perfect for hauling Mystery Ranch Load Cells, Pelican cases, shed antlers, weed control sprayers, entire antelope, or even multiple elk quarters. When fully compressed, the Crew Cab is a low profile 1900 cu. inches that will not interfere with active motion. Fully expanded, the Crew Cab can reach the equivalent of a 5000 cu. pack. For Backcountry Hunters and anyone looking for a system that can do it all, this is your pack.
Long Pocket
400 cu-in (6.6l) ,7 oz (20g) 15.5″x5.5″x4″, (39cm x 14cm x 10cm)
A detachable pocket with its own frame so that it keeps its shape in any configuration. The Long pocket can be mounted to a pack using any two compression straps. These pockets are great for adding volume to your pack.
and / or
VOLUME:     6000 cu-in (98l)
WEIGHT:     9 lbs 10 oz (4.4kg)
DIMENSIONS:     34.5″x16″x14.5″ (88cm x 41cm x 37cm)
INTENDED USE:     Extended Missions
Guide Frame
Mystery Ranch is proud to announce its winning entry in the SOCOM BALCS competition. Combining our latest fitting and stability technology with the 25 year heritage of the Terraplane internal frame packs, Mystery Ranch introduces the TactiPlane. At 6000 cubic inches, the TactiPlane is designed to function with the maximum size load a soldier can effectively haul. No other internal frame pack adapts to the realities an operator faces when carrying a load like the TactiPlane. With this pack one can carry 50 pounds in total comfort, 70-80 pounds is very reasonable and it will stabilize loads surpassing 100 pounds! 
NICE Hitchhiker: Add on compartment to the Nice Crew Cab.  
1600 cu-in (26l) 
2 lbs 1 oz (94g)
18″x11″x5″ (46cm x 28cm x 13cm)
The Hitchhiker locks onto the COMM 2 with four non-slip AutoLock Quick Release buckles. The Hitchhiker adds 1600 cu-in of extra space, with a 1400 cu-in main compartment and a 200 cu-in top pocket for organization. The Hitchhiker’s 3-zip access is fast and goes deep. 
Fire Starting / Survival Equipment: 
 Wet Fire: (Personal Carry) 
The perfect supplement to any fire starter, Wet Fire can help you get a blaze going even in a downpour. In fact, the cubes actually burn longer when wet! Wet Fire Tinder is a universal lighting material that is safe, virtually odorless, easy to carry, and reliable in inclement weather. 32 cubes
 Sabercut Saw: (Personal Carry)
The Sabercut is a lightweight, strong, multipurpose, and low profile hand saw that would be perfect for the survivor and easy to use by anyone. The Sabercut is designed to saw through the hardest wood and is so flexible that it will work well in small or confined spaces. Unlike other top quality outdoor saws, the Sabercut has a flexible blade for cutting from a variety of angles and in positions where you have little clearance. The 24-inch blade has self-cleaning, bi-directional cutting teeth.
STAK Soldier’s Tactical Advantage Kit: (Personal Carry) 
The kit contains a one-handed fire starter with all-weather tinder, an unbreakable signal mirror, a high-decibel whistle, snap lights, a compass, a small flashlight with tactical lighting capabilities (IR, red, and green filters) and a knife all in your choice of a crushproof case or aqua bag.
*MilPack Gel Fuel; MilPack Gel Fuel is a great fuel for cooking, for your survival stove, as a fire starter or to simply start a campfire. All this utility and it is still safe enough to go on an aircraft! MilPack Gel Fuel was originally designed to provide an efficient source of heat for the foot soldier and had to be safe, odorless, smokeless, non restrictive, economical, non toxic and yet friendly to our environment. With an indefinite shelf life, MilPack Gel Fuel is the perfect survival or recreational gel fuel. (Personal Carry) 20 pkts
The Windmill Delta Storm Lighter
10′ x 10′ ripstop gromitted waterproof nylon tarp.
Survival / Tactical Knives and other equipment:
Special Forces Handbook
Special Forces Survival Guide: Wilderness Survival Skills from the World’s Most Elite Military Units [Paperback]
U.S. Army Ranger Handbook
Hawke’s Special Forces Survival Handbook: The Portable Guide to Getting Out Alive [Paperback]
Mykel Hawke’s Green Beret Survival Manual: Essential Strategies For: Shelter and Water, Food and Fire, Tools and Medicine, Navigation and Signaling, Survival Psychology and Getting Out Alive!
Marine Heat by TOPS Knives:  O/A Length:11″ ,Blade Length:6 1/2″, Cutting Edge: 5 1/2″,Thickness:1/4″,Steel:1095 High Carbon Alloy. 
Tom Brown Tracker #2 by TOPS Knives: Blade Length: 3 1/2″,O/A Length: 9 1/2″,Draw Knife: 2″ Blade Height: 2″,Blade Thickness: 3/16″,Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon Alloy RC-58
 THE SNEAKY PETE By TOPS Knives:  Blade Length: 3 5/8″, Cutting Edge: 3 1/2″, O/A Length: 8″, Thickness: 1/8″, Steel:154 CM RC 58-60,Color: Tactical Black
 Leatherman® Super Tool 300
12 – 1.5 meter peices of.24 ga stainless steel wire with loop on 1 end.
Cane Cutter I folding knife Straight Razor: is constructed with a 2 5/8” stainless steel razor blade with etch. The handle is stainless steel and perfect for engraving. 5 7/8” overall.
4 FULL BARS OF IVORY SOAP, one of them grated and bagged.
Personal Antimicrobial (P.A.W.S) Towelettes
100 individually wrapped towelettes for hand sanitizing. The towelettes kill 99.99% of all germs on contact, sanitizing hands fast and effectively, without water.
GATCO® Knife Sharpening Systems 
 Entrenching Tool
 Gransfors Mini Belt Hatchet (Personal Carry)
“It’s small, light and perfectly balanced. It can sharpen a pencil, slice a tomato paper thin, and shave the print right off this page. It will frizz sticks for tinder; cut fine kindling and split small logs. It will fillet a fish, skin a moose, tenderize a steak, turn your pancakes, spread jam and peanut butter; pound tent stakes and chop vegetables. And it will ride as lightly on your hip as the average hunting knife.”
Para Cord 550 (Olive Drab, 100 ft) (Personal Carry) 
GI Government Issued style. Black – Metal lensatic compass; comes in metal case. Floating luminous dial. Adjustable luminous marching line. Thumb hold and magnifying viewer. Sighting hairline. Directions on how to use a lensatic compass included. Directions include how to find a real position on map by compass, map orientation by compass, taking a/an azimuth reading, and walking in darkness and dense fog and through rough terrain.
Olive Drab – Government Issued Special Lensatic Tritium Compass – USA Made 3HJP; Contains less than 27MCI (1gbq) of Tritium (3H). USA made. Glow in the dark compass. Built to the demanding specifications of U.S. fighting forces. Battle tested – shock, water, sand proof and functional from -50 Fahrenheit to +150 Fahrenheit. Five tritium micro lights allow for navigation in low-light conditions. Equipped with a magnifying lens, sight wire, and dial graduations in both degrees and mils to ensure accurate readings. Copper induction dampening system slows the rotation of the magnet without the use of liquids.
Bushbuddy Ultra Wood Stove: the Bushbuddy Ultra is an environmentally-sensitive (non-scarring), high performance woodfire cook stove. Two parts to the stove – the firebox and the pot holder – nest for clean, efficient, compact storage. The Bushbuddy Ultra’s key feature is its double wall firebox. Primary air is drawn into the Bushbuddy Ultra’s lower intake ports, where it is preheated within the confines of a double wall. That preheated air is then delivered to the combustion chamber (firebox), resulting in a far more efficient burn. From a performance standpoint, this means that (1) fuel is burned more completely to ash and (2) fuel is burned faster. Bottom line: The Bushbuddy Ultra delivers the most fuel-efficient compact woodstove design available. Environmentally sensitive design – neither flame, coals, nor ash scar the ground. Wood is burned completely to ash during combustion, and ash is contained in the firebox, allowing it to be buried or dispersed appropriately. 
Backpacking Light Firelite 900-SUL Titanium Cookpot: (Personal Carry) 
  • Dimensions (height x dia.): 4.00 in. x 4.375 in. (10.16 cm x 11.11 cm)
  • Total Weight: 3.09 oz (87.56 g)
  • Pot Weight: 2.21 oz (62.71 g)
  • Lid Weight: .88 oz (24.85 g)
Lightweight Campfire Grill Steel
Spork : Cutlery Stainless 
Snow Peak: Trek Titanium Plate
This lightweight titanium plate weighs just 2 oz. and is very strong
Stainless Steel or Titanium Bowl;
Titanium Cup 600: by Montbell
X2 – Sure Fire Saint  LED Headlamp: Output / Runtime High Setting 100 .0 lumens / 6.0 hours Low Setting 1 .0 lumens / 144.0 hours Weight w/Batteries 9 .4 ounces Batteries 3, 2   123A (included) AA alkaline (optional; not included)  
Sure Fire – M3LT-S Combat Light Extended-Range Dual-Output LED with strobe Max Output 400 .0 lumens Low Output / Runtime 70 .0 lumens / 8.5 hours Tactical Runtime* 1 .7 hours Length 8 .7 inches Bezel Diameter 2 .5 inches Weight w/Batteries 10 .9 ounces Batteries 3 123A (included) $575.00 very expensive, worth every penny
 5.11 Tactical® Mens Tactical Cotton Pants; Made of tough, 8.5-oz. 100% cotton canvas that becomes increasingly more comfortable over time. X 4
 5.11 Tactical® Men’s Long-Sleeve Tactical Cotton Shirt; Durable cotton canvas shirt is constructed with triple needle stitching, melamine buttons, and double layered material in high stress areas. Hidden chest pocket provide for the capacity to carry important documents and light accessories – such as knives, flashlights, and other small weapons. X4
 PROFORCE Shemagh X2  
 Warwear® Tactical Knit Cap X2  
 Peruvian poncho for men, outerwear made of alpaca wool
 ALPACA SURVIVAL SOCKS: The Survival Sock is a terrycloth-lined, lightweight boot sock with reinforced foot arch band as well as a ribbed knit ankle support to ensure a proper fit. X7
Government Type Black Wool Commando Sweater
G.I. Style O.D. Rip-Stop Nylon Poncho
Black Collapsible Tactical Goggles X2
Leather Military Shooters Gloves
Olive Drab U.S. 70% Virgin Wool Blanket
5.11 Tactical ATAC Gloves
5.11 Tactical Covert Fleece Jacket 4811
5.11 Tactical Tac Dry Rain Shell 48098
 Russell Moccasin Grand Slam Sheep Hunter: For Extreme Conditions: sturdier and more rigid than any other Russell boot…yet comfortable to wear. A new 10” boot featuring leather lined uppers, reinforced ankle support, heel counters, triple vamp construction, waterproofed Weather Tuff leather, back pull loop, cushion collar, 9 oz. bullhide hand molded wrap around outer sole, sturdy oak leather midsole and heavy duty Vibram Montagna sole. Tougher, more rigid, less flexible than any boot we have ever made…yet still comfortable to wear. It’s as close to a technical climbing boot as an all leather boot can be. Made to measure only.
 Mountain Safari “PH”: The Mountain Safari “PH” was inspired by South African PH, Hans “Scruff” Vermaak of Coenraad Vermaak Safaris. The Russell Safari “PH”, while the ideal boot in the vast majority of African hunting venues, was changed slightly, ideally suiting it for tougher going on steep rocky hillsides. made a bit heavier… a bit tougher… with a more aggressive sole for mountainous conditions.
500 Rounds of .308 Win Ammo  
200 Rounds of 3″ mag 12 ga size 4 shot
200 Rounds of 3” mag 12 ga 00 buck 
200 Rounds of 3” .41 mag  
The McMillan M3A: 
Designed for shooting with a scope as well as iron sights. The adjustable cheekpiece on the McMillan M3A stock positions the head for an optimum cheek weld. An optional full length upper handguard tactical rail is available for the mounting of night vision optics, forward mounted scopes, and other accessories. This transforms the M3A into an accurate, medium range tactical rifle with the benefits of magazine fed semi-auto .308 Win firepower.
(1) 18″ Barrel with muzzle brake.
(2) The McMillan M3A stock is CNC-machine inletted for a precision fit. The action is glass bedded by hand.
(3) Adjustable cheekpiece positions the head for an optimum cheek weld when using a scope.
(4) Butt spacer system allows you to change the length of pull for a perfect fit.
(5) Front and rear QD swivels come standard.
(6) An optional full length upper handguard tactical rail allows the optics to be either forward or rear mounted.
(7) purchase 5 magazines.
Mossberg® 590A1: 
Specifications that include a heavy-walled parkerized barrel, metal trigger guard assembly, metal safety button, and an upgraded magazine tube that can easily be opened for cleaning and is readily adaptable for a magazine extension. The receiver-mounted safety is convenient for right or left-handed shooters; simply push the button forward and you’re ready to fire. In addition, every Mossberg Special Purpose shotgun features a host of proven Mossberg features like an anti-jam elevator, dual extractors for reliable feeding, and positive shot shell extraction and ejection. Variety and adaptability are hallmarks of the 590A1 platform, with tactical configurations offered to suit any need. Stock choices include a 6-position adjustable tactical stock, pistol-grip Cruiser® models, standard full-size polymer stock, or a polymer Speedfeed® model that holds four additional shells in the stock for quick and easy reloading. Every 590A1 Special Purpose model features a drilled and tapped receiver, factory-ready for Picatinny rail, scope base or optics installation. Barrels lengths include 18-1/2″ (with 5+1 magazine capacity) or 20″ (with 8+1 magazine capacity), all with cylinder bore. Depending on the model, you’ll find a choice of 3-Dot, Ghost Ring™, or basic front bead sights. The deluxe-equipped 590A1™ SPX™ model comes fully loaded out of the box with the features you want: a factory-mounted Picatinny rail, LPA/M16-Style Ghost Ring combination sight set, and removable M9 bayonet/scabbard combination. Other 590A1 versions include the 590A1 Mariner® model with Marinecote™-finished barrel and receiver for added corrosion resistance for marine applications, extreme wet weather or humid environments and a reduced (13″) length-of-pull 590A1™ Compact model perfect for smaller-stature shooters.
TRACKER MODEL 425 .41 MAG. REVOLVERS WITH RIBBER GRIPS: these rugged, durable revolvers also make a practical choice for backpacks and tackle boxes, especially where there are bears and other predators around. Extremely comfortable to fire and easy to control – the Tracker Series continues to grow in popularity thanks to its high level of accuracy, rock-solid performance and near-indestructible construction. (Personal Carry) 
Wiggy’s Sleeping Bag Antarctic
Product #: 6.3.1
A -60 degree bag. I believe the Antarctic model is the only -60 degree bag made in the world. The loft averages 10 inches, and the weight for a regular length, wide body model is 6.5 pounds. The long wide body weighs 7 pounds. Adding the Flexible Temperature Range Sleep System (FTRSS) brings the temperature range down to -80.
Sizes Available:
Regular/Wide Body (80″ x 34″)
X-Long/Wide Body (90″ x 34″)
Mountaineering Closed-cell foam Sleeping Pad
In a separate bag or lite day pack
Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook: RMI Item Number: 1984
Remote Medical International: 
Adventure Medical Kits Expedition: RMI Item Number: 1753
“Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine”(1)
“Illustrated Guide to Life-Threatening Emergencies”(1)
SAM® Splint(1)
CPR Barrier MicroShield® (1)
Cavit® Dental Filling(1)
86F – 100F Thermometer(1)
96F – 107F Thermometer(1)
Duct Tape 5 Yards (2″)(1)
Splinter Picker Forceps(1)
Potable Aqua Tablets(50)
Sawyer® Extractor(1)
EMT Shears(1)
Scalpel #11 Blade Sterile(1)
Space Blanket(1)
Double Antibiotic Ointment(10)
Antiseptic Towelettes(6)
Tincture of Benzoin(3)
20cc. Irrigation Syringe(1)
Povidone Iodine Solution(1oz.) (3)
Wound Closure Strips (1/4×4)(20)
Cleansing Pads w/ Lidocaine(5)
Moleskin and/or Molefoam(1)
Spenco 2nd® Skin (3×4) (2)
Non-woven Adhesive Knit (7×4) (2)
Nitrile Examination Gloves(4)
Antimicrobial Hand Wipes(2)
Infectious Control Bag(2)
4×4 or 3×3 or 2×2 Sterile Dressings(31)
Non-adherent Sterile Dressing(3×4) (4)
Adhesive Tape 10 yards (1″ & 2″)(2)
Strip & Knuckle Bandages(15)
8×10 and/or 5×9 Trauma Pads(30)
Conforming Gauze Bandage (3″)(2)
Cotton Tipped Applicators(4)
Elastic Bandage w/ Velcro® (3″)(2)
Triangular Bandage(1)
Sterile Eye Pad(2)
Bloodstopper® (1)
Extra Strength Tylenol®(40)
Sting Relief Pads(4)
Aloe Vera Gel 100%(1)
Oral Rehydration Salts(6)
Afrin® Nasal Spray(1)
Glutose Paste(1)
Mylanta® (8)
Cortisone cream 1%(6)
Tinactin® Antifungal Cream(6)
Safety Pins(3)
Accident Report & Pencil(1)
Waterproof Matches(1)
Pill Vials(7)
Manufacturer: Adventure Medical Kits
Manufacturer Item Number: 0100-0465

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