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JWR’s “Survivors: A Novel of the Coming Collapse”

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James W. Rawles’ newest book is released today on Amazon! For those of us who enjoyed Patriots, we can look forward to picking up this novel. Here’s what JWR writes of the new release on

Much of the novel is set in the Four Corners Region of the American Southwest. “Survivors” is unusual for a novel sequel. Unlike most sequels, instead of extending the “Patriots” saga further into the future, it is contemporaneouswith the action in the first book. But it is set in different locales, with mostly different characters, with vastly different levels of preparedness. The novel begins from the perspective of a U.S. Army officer deployed in Afghanistan, just as “The Crunch” unfolds.
Unlike the protagonists in “Patriots”, most of the characters in “Survivors” don’t have a deep larder, so they are forced to scramble and improvise. There are just a few crossover characters between the two novels, such as Ian and Blanca Doyle (whom you will remember from “Patriots” as the husband and wife Laron Light Experimental airplane owners living near Luke Air Force Base.)


Having thoroughly enjoyed Patriots, I am looking forward to supporting JWR’s storytelling and attention to economics, psychology, and human interaction. The character development will be interesting to say the least.
Congrats Mr. Rawles!

-The Berkey Guy

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