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Newbie with a gun? Consider your real family safety

By Paul Stevens

It is official, we have now moved from electronics to the real indicator of people’s concerns to start prepping. The newspaper headlines tell the story of Black Friday 2011 guns as being one of the highest purchased consumer products.

Those who are purchasing guns for the very first time for home protection need to seriously consider, if the family is safer now or as before? The facts, there are still more accidental shootings than home invasions. Beyond purchasing a gun and stock piling ammo, a real family plan should also be considered.

Regardless if you plan to carry or just to keep at bedside, you should still consider taking the class. It will not only help you learn how to handle your gun safely, it will prepare you for the mental decisions and legal ramifications that need to be made when you draw a weapon on an individual. That split second decision may be life changing for you and the individual in the cross hairs.

Keeping a gun at bedside at the ready and still meeting the legal requirements of keeping guns out of the reach of children is a challenge in itself. But how do you determine friend or foe in the middle of the night with other family members coming and going, especially with kids off to college coming back on surprised visits?

Communications and family codes and passwords is the key along with practice training for a possible home invasion. Just like experts recommend children and parents should have a coded message to call or text if the kid is in trouble so parents can alert authorities. This concept also needs to be incorporated into an overall family communication plan, providing a message with return for family members to come in late at night and not be confused as an intruder and be shot.

Distant family members and friends who might pop in late at night unexpected need to be alerted that you are now armed and weary of home invasions, and suggest a cell phone call be initiated before dropping in unexpectedly.

It may seem to be overkill but beyond communications a general action plan needs to be practiced and discussed with all family members. The worst case scenario beyond an intruder crashing through the front door is to have a family member rush out in the line of fire to see what is going on or not understand your command to drop left for you to take a clear shot.

We do carry both leather and nylon holsters at Cottage Craft Works for those needing a dependable holster for conceal and carry or to keep in the home.

Arm and protect your family, but please do so safely.

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