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Bloggers needed for the APN

We are seeking contributing writers to come blog with us.  No experience necessary!

We are pleased to introduce our new blogging system and income opportunity.

Blogging on the APN

Our blogs basically act as the “Front Pages” to our network and therefore when you contribute articles you have the opportunity to get the highest traffic and visibility possible when your articles are shared with our readers.

New Blogging System

We have created a new system that will allow you to get your articles posted on the APN state blogs much more easily than ever before.

Originally, contributors who wished to have their articles published on our sites would have to email our moderators and wait for them to publish the article. This would work alright, however sometimes an article would get lost in our spam boxes or the moderators could overlook your articles, or a moderator may have been sick or on vacation and your article might not get published.

But we now have a single location where you can post all of your content. If one of our moderators happens to be unavailable for some reason, there will still be several other moderators capable of publishing your article for you.

To access this “Content Clearing House” as we call it, you must be a registered member on the APN forum. If you are not already a member, you can register at:

Once you are a member of our forum you will need to join the “Blog Authors” usergroup. To join the usergroup follow these steps:

1) Click the link to your “user control panel”. This link is in the upper left hand side of the forum under the index link

2) Now click the tab that says “User Groups”

3) Scroll down until you see the group titled “Blog Authors”. Select the group, scroll down and click submit. This will make you a member of the group.

After you’ve joined the Blog Authors usergroup you can begin posting your articles in the Blog Authors section. Here is the direct link to the Blog Authors section where you can begin posting your articles:
(remember, you must join the usergroup first in order to access that link)

Very Important! Only articles that get posted in that section will get reviewed to be posted on the APN state blogs. The very best articles may even make it to the main APN blog where your articles could receive over 1000 page views per day and growing.

Income Opportunity

In the Blog Authors section you will find information on how to earn income by having your articles posted on our blogs. The more articles you write and the better your content, the more you could potentially earn. Even really old articles on the APN are still indexed by search engines, so it works really great to build a bunch of content over time.

Topic Ideas

In the Blog Authors section we even provide ideas for sources of information that you can write about. We even offer a topic calendar that will give you suggested topics to write about daily and weekly. These topics are not required, they simply act as a guideline if you are unsure of what to write about.

Blogging Rules

Because our blogs act as the “Front Pages” of our network please be sure to read the rules for blogging with the APN. There are certain types of articles that we normally allow on the forum that would not be allowed on the blogs. First impressions are always important and therefore the blogs must be kept clean.

The New Blogs

We have started using professional looking templates that are available through WordPress. We have already converted about 10 of the state blogs. Here is an example of the new Arizona Blog:

The new blogs are much cleaner, more professional, and offer more social networking opportunities. Even if your states blog is not converted to the new wordpress blogs yet, we can still post your articles and they will get imported to the new site once we finish the upgrade.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at:

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