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Bug Out to Canada, eh?

By listen2me

Imagine this scenario, a cross between Mad Max and Doctor Zhivago.

An economic crisis develops and intensifies because of (insert reason) that causes (insert catastrophe) resulting in the substantial loss of peoples wealth. Smaller protests grow to include the general public.

Bank holidays and food shortages cause panic and increasing protests lead the government to believe this economic crisis is real, on-going, and the protests are a threat to the continuation of the government and its status quo.

The people have become lawless, they are in fact terrorists according to legislation, martial law is implemented nation wide in the US to protect the government from conflict or revolution. Continuation of Government plans are put into place.

Facing the possibility of mass incarceration if they resist or do not like the idea of being forced into the camps by their hunger, many people flee en masse to Canada thus overwhelming Canadian responses and resources.

The Canadian Parliament, authorized through Bill C-36 (passed in 2001), ask for US military assistance to control a flood of US citizens already in Canada who have fled north and require increasingly scarce Canadian resources.

The plans are in place to use the military to control the populations of North America during any civil unrest anywhere within the scope of USNORTHCOM, including Canada.

Canadians have known since the Viet Nam conflict that a likely bug out direction for many Americans is North. Will this be a viable legal option with the NWO action plan presently unfolding? The answer is a halting no, if nation wide martial law is enforced. It has become increasingly difficult now with the new border agreements recently signed.

The Canadian Anti Terrorism Act ,2001 Bill C-36 aligns Canadian actions with Homeland Security. It is more accurate to say directed by Homeland Security. The border now exists only for people and commerce, not the military. Exchange of bio metric data is now standard operating procedure.

Most alarming to me is the fast pass Nexus card available to travellers. Pre clearance assures fast passage through security and immigration. They are proposing to introduce an implanted micro chip to replace that troublesome card. I hate these trial balloons, the MF Global theft was another one.

Americans freely admit that Canada exists at their pleasure, it is their mind set. Canada is considered a protectorate of the US in their view. It is not and has not been since the war of 1812. But what is little known, is that it doesn’t really matter anymore. Leaving aside America’s Military/industrial complexes respect for a nations sovereignty. The important point is that both Canadians and Americans have been out manoeuvred in the name of security and most of them do not realize it. Preppers do.

We in Canada, the same as US citizens, are now living with a military/ industrial/ banking/ political complex that has become self perpetuating and for whatever reasons is in perpetual war mode. Legislation and preparations have obviously been made in order to quell any civil unrest and especially any unrest on a large scale.

To my American brothers I wish to remind you of a quip by Thomas Jefferson. “A little rebellion is a good thing”. The key word here is “little”. They are already prepared for a larger rebellion and it would be a disaster all around.

I hope that will not be needed, but as it happens to develop, bug out plans will have to be kept updated, and that is the point of this post.

If nation wide martial law is ever declared in the USA, Canada will be included as well. Uncle Sam has already seen to that. He is now proposing controlling the internet through the SOPA laws and already has the internet kill switch in place. We can assume no internet or cellular communication with total tyranny. Communication will be a problem.

Most like minded Canadian preppers will welcome and assist any American refugees from tyranny. Including those like minded individuals who are the true patriots and especially those with children in tow. It will be difficult to pass the 49th parallel but once in, we need to be able to communicate. How do we do this? We need a method.

Maybe a sign or symbol like the Confederate Flag? A rally cry? A certain color? Maybe there already is a secret one I do not know of. Send me a PM.

If the worst happens and your bug out plans include Canada remember this piece of advise. Just don’t be wearing a uniform… hear me?

Here is a link to a Canadian Forces document concerning this topic.

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