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Prepping VS. Hoarding

by marshwillow

Sometimes we have been called pack-rats,hoarders and dumpster divers.  This is were we differ.  We do prepping for a purpose. We don’t have a desire to load our homes with trash but with items that we will need in a SHTF situation.
So it goes to say. We are hoarding as preppers but NOT prepping to be hoarders.

So clean out all trash debris and decide just how many survival magazines and books do we need.  We can use that space to work in more paper products.  Remember if you have to bugout, you will be forced to leave lots behind in favor of food.  You will be forced to figure out your priorities.

Basics is all you need.  How many meat grinders do you actually need?  You can pick up items at yard sales but will they be used.  A bargain is not a stained sleeping bag with large holes and ripped out zipper.  Unless you are going to repair your finds then look for perfect shape.

Set goals and look for specific items that are needed and pass by the ones you have several of.  It is a good thing to make mental note that at such and such yard sale you saw a sleeping bag.  You can pass this on to those that need it or call them at the sale and see if they would like you to purchase this for them.

When you stack your foods make sure the area around it is kept free of debris and filth.  Filth just calls the rats, mice and other vermin and says “Come and get it”.  All you good efforts would go to waste.  It is a good idea to camaflogue your cache of food and bug out items.  If you havent an extra closet or basement then get creative.  Install a shower rod across a corner of your bedroom and put up floor to ceiling curtains.  Stack your 5 gal containers there or your #10 cans.  Making endtables and coffee tables would be a good way to utilize the containers.  Put 6 containers on the floor, top with plywood sheet to fit top, the cover with brite fabric that covers all the containers.  Also you can stash your rifles between the 5 gal containers.

Remember were things are at so if power is lost you can use your memory to find items you need to take with you.  If you find you have more of one item than you need then sell it or give it to a fellow prepper.  Please don’t get confused and forget the importance of what you are doing.  Have a day of cleansing.  Cleanse the storage area and throw away anything that is broken and beyond repair.  When the SHTF there wont be time to repair them.  Happy prepping.

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