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Where Preppers Prep

The American Prepper’s Network (APN) is exactly that – a network of preppers across america sharing their tips and ideas, as well as philosophies and paradigms with the central purpose of how Americans can best support our great nation, and best support each other during events or crisis’ often referred to as “teotwawki”.

 “It’s never too late to prepare for The End Of The World As We Know It.” – Glenn Beck

On Jan 21, 2012 Reuters published an article that began trending and was picked up on Drudge Report the article quoted such great writers/bloggers as Michael T. Snider author of “The Economic Collapse” blog.
Reuters wrote a follow up article two days later, which was found quoting much of James W. Rawles, author of the ever popular Survival Blog , and his book “How To Survive The End Of The World As We Know It” (thought of as the prepper’s bible)

Popular Mechanics wrote an article almost exactly 1-year ago, featuring the values and paradigms of Preppers as a community effort. 

“So called preppers, unlike survivalist treat self-reliance and disaster preparation as a communal responsibility”

Glenn Beck’s newsletter- The Blaze sent out an article yesterday purposing this question

“Wondering how [to] secured these items? There’s an entire market that caters to these individuals (most vendors operate on the internet). These companies sell many of the items that Tegeler has in her own home, as they teach skills or sell the products needed to ensure individual and family survival pending disaster.”

The APN is working diligently to continue to provide america with forums, blogs and other platforms to support the prepper community. We are currently in process of developing a new platform that will allow the amateur & expert preppers and survivalist to contribute official articles and posts out to the entire network; additionally we have announce on our forum and Facebook wall and tweets that we are now helping americans, preppers and survivalist with their preparedness items.

Everything from 1 year family supplies to individual cans of your favorite freeze dried meals from Mountain House, Backpacker’s Pantry and freeze dried and dehydrated fruits and vegetables from Tomorrow’s Harvest.

There is water storage, and Wondermills, Sunovens and even Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Series manufactured by Gerber Gear.
The new APN store is enabled for three reasons:
1) Help families understand what products will best fit their needs
2) Eliminate confusion from companies that are more about marketing than they are about prepping
3) Support APN members & network through the proceeds, by developing more efficient forums, blogs and communities

The APN is also offering our store to be a platform for products made by preppers for preppers to be able to sell online through the APN, so if you have a product and would like to participate in our affiliate program or wish to see a particular product on our store please let us know by contacting

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