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The "2012" Super Bowl | Clint Eastwood






Author | @HughVail

“The Super Bowl set a US television ratings record for the third year running on Sunday night, with an average of 111.3 million viewers watching” 

Yes, one in three Americans sat in front of their televisions, surrounded with family, friends, bags of chips & trays of dip anticipating who the “World Champions of the National Football League”( an oxymoron) is going to be for 2012.
The commercials are almost half the entertainment, and according to my cousin who came over shortly after the 2nd quarter began, she was in near cardiac arrest when she saw me watching a documentary about the Amish people on Netflix, her response “what are you doing watching this, you are missing the commercials!”.
The appeal of Super Bowl commercials broke me away from my fettered interest in bonnets, clydesdale horses and a lifestyle I struggle to wrap my modern-day heart around.

The U.S economy is sometimes reported as being 70% consumption based, regardless of semantic reporting we know that consumption is 100% marketing based, so it’s no surprise that corporate america can buy their way into a captive audience of 111.3 Million super bowl viewers.

The question then remains to be asked, what did you think was the most memorable commercial during the game? The APN has found a stale-mate between these two:

CLINT EASTWOOD | It’s Half Time America

Michael’s blog wrote a great article about the this commercial, and he puts it

To me, it was the most memorable Super Bowl ad this year by far The APN agrees with this. When it comes to real sentiments of a true story, that balanced emotion without sensationalism, and truth without exaggeration. The American Prepper’s Network appreciated the American Spirit this commercial captured.

Chevy Silverado | 2012 

As for appropriate entertainment that capitalized on the doomsday mantra of “2012”, we had to go with this commercial as our most entertaining. This is marketing at it’s very best! We recommend that you go read the rest of Michael’s blog to see through the marketing and understand the real facts of what challenges Chrysler, Dodge, Chevy, Jeep are facing. Chevy is American blood, and the APN hopes that they will remember their roots and prove that they can do more than use Uncle Sam to pay a marketing company to produce an awesome commercial, which is the negative side to a high-consumption based economy that buys off the emotions of talented marketing tactics. We can only hope american automakers can do more than produce commercials.

What was your most memorable 2012 Super Bowl commercial? Why?

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  1. Juice says:

    It seemed to me more of an ad for Obama’s regulate and tax administration.