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Bumpy Ride Ahead: Gas Prices May Soon Hit $4 a Gallon

Looking for news tidbits to share with your non-prepper friends and family?  As much as I despise the main stream media, I am never opposed to using their sometimes accurate headlines in order raise an eyebrow or two.

ABC News is reporting on the expectation of higher gas prices.  According to, gas prices nationally are hovering around $3.50 which is a first for the month of February.  Of course we have seen these prices in summers past but never so earlier in the year.  Some experts are even talking about $5 a gallon this summer.  Keep in mind that whenever such extreme predictions are made, the naysayers come out of the woodwork to speak out in opposition…just ask Peter Schiff.  In my opinion those predicting $5 per gallon greatly over estimate the US economy’s ability to absorb such price increases- meaning that household pocket books will be shattered long before we reach the horror of $5 gas.  Predictions are like orifices, I know, and if you do plan to use this news as a tool to wake up your local sheeple (a term I use affectionately as JC referred to us as His sheep) be ye warned to prophecy  with discretion.

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  1. Tedo says:

    How ironic, I have a friend who predicted we would hit $5 gas last year too. He still owes me a $5 gas card for losing that bet. But we settled because my reasoning for predicting it wouldn’t happen was poor. 😉

  2. Penny says:

    I saw a similar story on the news this morning, where they mentioned the highest gas prices were in Chicago at $3.68/gallon. We live in Humboldt County, northern California, where the gas prices are already over $4/gallon for the cheapest stuff! If they are predicting that prices will raise to $5 over the summer, I tremble at the thought of how much it will cost for us northern Californians…
    Thanks for the Duramax rec!

  3. Helen says:

    well I have always thought gas was high..LOL.. doubled with the fact I hate to stop for gas I got me a Toyota Yaris about 5 years back.. it gets great gas millage .. since I now longer have a job and don’t go into the city daily (only once a week to see the grandkids) I can get by on one tank of gas.. My husband on the other hand has to drive 40 miles daily to get to work and home..even if his vehicle is a 4 cylinder it still costs a lot for him to get to work.. last time gas went up I had to cut down to going to see the grandkids every other week HOWEVER on the UP side my daughter came out every other week and stayed for the week with the kids .. we just hang close to home and use the yard .. pool and hang out in the garden.. not a bad life really.. OH we do hit some garage sales to see what we can find that we might be missing.. Thing is we do very little retail shopping and we don’t do any home improvements as most other people don’t which will make the economy stall even more.. than again that to has an up side as I see MORE neighborhood gardens.. guess American’s aren’t as LAZY as some think.. and very flexible..

  4. Al says:

    Hello from across then pond!

    Wow you guys still live in a ‘petro-chemical paradise’ don’t you? — by my reckoning $4 is about €3 at the moment. I’m regularly traveling to Portugal where prices are often €1.65 per LITER — so something like $8.15 per US gallon.

    Our pips are already squeaking — I wonder how things will be there when your prices finally catch up with Europe?

    Meanwhile I’m wishing I could pop over there easily to fill up at $4!! It’s a dream long gone by, over here… Somehow I think the distance to refill would counteract the saving though ;D

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