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Meet Mr. Porenta

Hello Fellow Americans,

I would like to take this time to introduce myself as a new contributor to this website.  My name is Michael Porenta – most people call me Mike.  I was born and raised in southwestern Wyoming and for the past 6 years I have lived in central New Jersey – Baltimore, MD – Philadelphia, PA – New York, NY – Chicago, IL – and all over the state of Utah.  My business partner and close friend, Hugh Vail, was recently made president of the American Preppers Network.  He and I are committed to bringing the culture of preparedness into the main stream.

So why do I even want to take the time to post on this site?  Simple.  I want to provide our readers, both new and old, with information that can help them understand WHY they should be making preparations for the worst…while hoping for the best.  This site and others are full of great information on HOW to prepare within any budget or mean.   The comment I hear most frequently is: How do I convince those around me to prepare without sounding like a paranoid nutcase?  Honestly, this is not a question answered easily.  It really comes down to how much effort one wishes to dedicate to one’s education.  I do not claim to be an expert in anything and I hold no formal degrees (which I wear as a badge of honor).  Despite much time spent at institutes of higher learning, I consider myself to be self-educated.  My most recent time spent in the world of academia has been at George Wythe University in southern Utah.  Most of my time on this site will be spent discussing the economy and foreign policy.  I believe these are areas which the average non-prepper can wrap their mind around without feeling like they are entering doomsday territory.   I warn my seasoned prepper friends that I will never discuss topics of conspiracy unless such discussion is being made openly in the news by the conspirators themselves, i.e. George Soros writing about a new world order of global governance.  I do not believe the discussion of shadowy conspiracies does anything to promote the benefits of the prepper movement; it actually is our Achilles’ heel.  You may affectionately refer to me as “Mike the Debunker”.  I cannot entirely debunk theories for which there is little evidence, only the logic being used to conjure such theories.  I realize this will bring many angry trolls to my door, hurling insults of stupidity and arrogance.

In short, I want to provide you the reader with helpful information which can be used to wake up your friends and keep you out of the funny farm in the process.

If you have a topic which you feel needs more explaining, one you do not full understand yourself…. email me at

Don’t be shy!

To close this post I will refer you to this video below of the film I.O.U.S.A, produced by David Walker – former Comptroller General of the Untied States.

Bear in mind that the data from this film is from before President Obama entered the White House.  The debt is much, much worse today.  Today the federal debt is $15.3 trillion and the U.S. gross domestic product  is about $340 billion less than the debt.   This means that our debt-to-GDP ration is 102%.


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  1. sam r says:

    please, i have an important question to me. i say another prepper making a metal box tooo house and protect his electronics. will this work? can someone contact me?. i have more to ask.

  2. Nola says:

    Am I alone in believing that what I am doing is creating a sustainable lifestyle rather than just a “survival” lifestyle? My brother tells me that we need to have the 4 F’s; Fuel, Food, First-aid, and Firearms. I consider anything that will help you gain meat and protect yourself and your community to be part of firearms. This includes bow & arrow, guns, even a heavy branch with a rock tied on. And fuel, to me includes all barter items and skills. This is the way my great-grandparents lived, as well as my grandparents and parents. However, one thing that our ancestors had was also community and that seems to be in short supply today. Community included news and communication.

    People who choose this lifestyle, today, are made to seem as less than the mainstream. This is sad. I remember my Mom buying cases of fresh produce from the trucks that came through our hometown and we would put them up. Dad and my brothers went hunting every year and we always had a freezer full of deer, antelope, elk, grouse, duck, etc. We made our own wine, syrup, jellies and foraged for the fruits and wild produce that grew in our area. These areas still exist and are available. But people think that if it doesn’t come from a supermarket or supercenter that it is bad for you. How did we get to the point that everyone else is responsible for us?

    I am an adult and choose to be responsible for myself. Thank you for great information and the platform to learn and express new knowledge.

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