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Your fear brings them their power.

I find it odd that when a prepper shouts from the rooftops the message of preparedness that they get shot down, not by the government nor the general populace, but rather by fellow survivalists.

A Prepper will get criticized by a survivalist for bringing the message of prepping to the mainstream (and quite potentially saving many lives by doing so and maybe even making things safer for everyone for when TSHTF) That criticism is usually about a perceived danger for compromising their OPSEC, and yet at the same time we will regard a fire fighter who runs into a burning building and “actually” risking his life just to save one person as a hero.

Is there really a danger by being public about prepping?  There is a level of danger in everything we do in our everyday lives.  I would argue that skydiving is far more dangerous than publicly sharing the message of prepping with others, but what gain does society have each time you jump out of an airplane?  Yet we do not criticize the skydiver.  Even the figherfighter who is in a much greater position of danger will save but only a handful of lives.  However, by publicly sharing the message preparedness, a prepper has the ability to save possibly thousands if not millions.

Where the hypocrisy really lies, is why do not these same OPSECr’s criticize their local survival stores, survival schools, and gun dealers for advertising their stores, products and services on TV, newspapers, and magazines?  Does that not also compromise the OPSEC of those merchants?  And if those merchants closed up shop and hid in the shadows as the OPSECr’s suggest the rest of us do, where would you buy your preps?

I think the government actually wants people to hide.  They want people to fear them.  By having us hide, it’s much easier for them to quell any dissenting voice.  Your fear is what brings them power.  By fearing the government you are part of the problem, not the solution.

“When the government fears the people there is freedom.  When the people fear the government, there is tyranny” – Thomas Jefferson.

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  1. PrepperMom says:

    In Defense of David Sarti
    by Daisy Luther 

    We often ask, “What would be the last straw? What would make us take up arms and defend ourselves against the Powers That Be?”

    Usually, that answer is guns.  For most preppers and constitutional activists, losing our weapons would be an affront that would cause us to stand up and take action.

    That particular insult has happened to one of our community.

    David Sarti, of Lebanon, TN, recently appeared on National Geographic’s program Doomsday Preppers.

    The producers motives with this show are questionable, from a prepping perspective.  They seemed to have sought out people who are real “characters” – the eccentricity is so extreme at times that it doesn’t seem to be a fair representation of what is truly going on in the prepping community.  Because NG is generally more open-minded, more in line with producing documentaries than salacious reality television, I was extremely disappointed in the programs that I have seen thus far.

    In the case of Mr. Sarti, he certainly does come across as extreme.  He’s not a man that instantly appeals to a wide range of people. He is someone that might trigger doubters to roll their eyes and scoff at him.

    This doesn’t make him crazy.

    He isn’t a handsome buff wild-eyed mountain man survivalist.  He doesn’t have that bad boy appeal of an action hero or the air of quiet wisdom of a person who has retreated to the woods to escape the mundanity of life in the corporate United States.

    This doesn’t make him crazy either.

    Days after the program aired, however, David Sarti was declared crazy…ahem…”mentally incompetent”….and his guns were seized.  All of them.  Mr. Sarti, who has no criminal record, is no longer allowed to own guns.  He tells his story here.

    The accusation of insanity came after he went to see his cardiologist for some chest pains and shortness of breath.  So far, it sounds sane and rational to me.  The cardiologist, Dr. Andre C. Olivier, whose name and contact information I am delighted to publish, had Mr. Sarti held at the hospital for psychiatric evaluation and broke doctor patient confidentiality by contacting the authorities.

    Then it really went to hell on a greased slide.  Mr. Sarti, because of his stay in the psychiatric unit, was then declared “mentally incompetent”.  His very large collection of guns was then stolen removed from his possession.  He is no longer allowed to own weapons.

    Welcome to the America we live in today.  The country has devolved to a point that being eccentric means the constitution no longer applies to you.  What is next?  Already, believing that the gold standard is the only way to correct our economic ills makes you a target.  Bloggers and writers of alternative media are all on a list, with our computer systems under nearly constant attack.  I spend as much time fending off malware and viruses as I do writing this blog.  Anyone who disagrees with the government is not labelled an “extremist.”

    This is a call to rally.  So extremists, preppers, bloggers, readers and Americans, unite.  Don’t just be glad that your guns remain untouched.  Don’t breathe a sigh of relief that it wasn’t you.  Galvanize yourself and others like you and let’s fight for David Sarti.

    Let’s make it easy…..These links will get you started.  This war will be won via the internet.  Don’t let them sweep this attack on the Constitution under the rug.  Don’t let them single out someone who might not come across as Joe Average and use that to continue chipping away at the country’s foundation.  Whatever your personal thoughts are about Mr. Sarti and his decision to share his prepping on television, the bottom line is that injustice has occurred and it’s up to us to stop it.

    First, go and sign this PETITION.  The document will be sent to the governor of Tennessee, demanding that Mr. Sarti’s record of “mental defectiveness” be expunged.

    For additional details that include sample letters for National Geographic and the NRA, as well as links to several organizations that maybe be able to assist Mr. Sarti, visit Inalienably Yours.