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Prepping | A Growing Trend (NBC15)

“George Booth, a former police officer and current subterranean contractor”, and Tristan Retzlaff a “decorated former Marine” are both meet up organizers for the APN. George is the Madison, Wisconsin Meet Up Organizer for the APN. Tristan is the Organizer for the Fox Valley Preppers out of Appleton, Wisconsin. Tristan & George answered standard questions that are often asked, such as why family preparedness is an important in their lives, as well as questions about medical kits, vehicle kits, and other “bug out bags”.

“The world is not going to end” says Tristan in the video, and we completely agree! We are appreciative to George & Tristan and their willingness to speak with the media in hopes of helping other families in Wisconsin and around the nation learn the values of family preparedness. We also appreciate NBC15 and their story and messaging that has helped so many families in Wisconsin better understand the importance of family preparedness.

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