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Steps to Successful Prepping

Here are some ideas / suggestions I have found over the years to get on track and be successful in Prepping (and even other pursuits):

Turn off the Television.

There is no need to watch the vast majority of programming and ‘stuff’ put on it.  If one needs to stay up to date on current events, search other places; the Internet, Talk to friends (hey, a great way to expand your ‘network’ and learn good stuff), etc…  There is an old roman philosophy (by the politicians of the time):  ‘Give them White Bread and the Circus.’  The purpose was to keep the masses mal-nourished and occupied so the citizens wouldn’t watch what the politicians were up to and revolt.


I mention this often.  Why do we do the things we do?  Are they helpful towards our goals?  What are our Goals?  Do we need to improve our goals?

Deeply examine your purchases and ‘necessities’.

Ask yourself:  “Do I really need this?”.  As you develop this philosophy, you will start seeing your priorities change for the better.  Things to migrate away from include:

Processed food.  Go natural.  It might sound sort of ‘hippy’, but there is a big ‘kick’ out there to go green and healthy.  Start there.  Perhaps modify your current diet to head in this direction!  This will make the transition to healthy survival eating much easier!

“Toys”  Decide if they are necessary and helpful.

‘Diversions’ like:  Bad Habits, Worrying, Gossiping, etc… There was a great saying by a rebellious first lady; Eleanor Roosevelt:

“Small people talk about each other,

Average people talk about things,

Great people talk about ideas!”

When you save here, DON’T spend it somewhere else!  Use it wisely.

Some say invest in gold and silver.  In my opinion, it is probably too late to do so.  The exchange values are very speculative.  Some thoughts about gold and silver:  You will still have to decide what you are willing to exchange it for!  There will NOT be any ‘Precious Metals Exchange Board’ after any collapse.  The only purpose of buying gold and silver is to compact your resources into something easily carried and bartered with.  It most certainly will happen, after any collapse, that people will try to rip you off with some sort of imitation gold or silver, and pawn it off as real.  Do you know how to determine whether a piece of gold is pure enough to sell / trade with or for?  I don’t have the equipment.  I will have to search it out.  Another good topic to research!

Start Networking  What goals you might want, or currently have?  Ask others (on this site for example!) questions!  Everyone likes to help out by answering sincere questions.

Perhaps focus on streamlining your lifestyle to the essentials. 

Find the happy medium regarding your belongings.  Acquire the right items for your situation.  The columnists here on APN are quite capable of helping you out in their area of specialty.  We encourage discussion and questions.  They help us write better columns and provide the right information.

Remember to Live, Love, and Laugh a Lot!

This sounds strange, but it helps us keep our sanity, maintain our own purpose, and get along with those around us!

Knowledge is power!  Learn ‘The Right’ things NOW!!! 

Don’t wait for a situation to rear it’s ugly head and be unprepared.  It might be too late then.  Use some precautions and suggestions here.  For example:  Start learning the basics; (Those listed here on APN!) Homesteading, Medicine, Water Purification, Fire Starting, Wilderness Survival, etc…  It isn’t necessary to learn, for example, enough medicine to become a field surgeon, just start with basics and then find your niche!

There is too much knowledge out there for any one person to learn quickly, so share knowledge amongst your network of friends and family.  This is okay.  Keep focused on your goals and tasks, and incorporate the skills of those around you that you trust.


Please contact me back with specific questions and ideas!  Lets do this right, together!

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  1. Gutter Guard says:

    Hello a huge thank you for displaying absorbing information.I will be bookmarking you for future research.good luck with this great work.

    • Thanks for the support! To put it simply, I believe in Learning, Sharing, and Laughing. I have so many ideas about improving our world by real education (not the ‘politically correct’ stuff out there). How are things down there in Australia? I need to take my brother down there so he can get some legal business done after his wife’s death (She was aborigine.) I have always wanted to go there. Enjoy the day!

  2. Great blog, u brought up some good points.

    • Thanks for the scoop! I have read all of your postings too, since I get the chance to edit most of the postings. Yours are always so informative! I am going to try the bucket gardening, since I am renting and have NO room! Enjoy!

  3. i cant get how you can share like this astounding posts admin very much thanks

    • Sorry, I don’t think I understand what you mentioned here. I have been away from this blog for some time, and am returning! I have some positive improvements on this post, also. More will follow shortly. -Dave.

  4. Thank you for your comments. If I needed to reduce this post to its smallest, I would say:

    “Focus on your dreams / visions, and take care of the rest of the stuff along the way.” To many are ‘worried’ about what would happen if, yada yada yada, happens. Like I mentioned in the posting: Live well, Learn well, Love well, and Laugh well! Keep up the search, and if there is anything I can do, please let me know. -Dave.

  5. Sometimes, when I have my browser narrower than normal, the text gets cramped and overlapped. Does this work? -Dave, the Editor.

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