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The APN Needs You!

We need:

  • Bloggers.  This is a volunteer position.  Bloggers will soon have the opportunity to participate in our upcoming store affiliate program to earn affiliate commissions for their articles. For details on blogging with the APN and to post your articles, go here
  • State Forum Moderators.  Responsible for removing spam posts.  Also responsible for posting state and regional news, disasters and preparedness information. This is a volunteer position
  • State Blog Moderators.  Blog moderators will be responsible for moderating articles that get submitted to us.  This will start as a volunteer position with a potential income opportunity through our upcoming store affiliate program.
  • Meetup organizers.  Responsible for organizing local Prepper Meetup groups.  Meetups are encouraged to be scheduled every 2 weeks.  This is a volunteer position
  • State Managers.  State managers will oversee our moderators,  organizers, and facebook pages, They will also be the official representative of the APN for their state.  This is currently a volunteer position.

For details and to apply for these positions please visit our forum post:

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