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The Homestead Honey Hour!

A brand new show burst upon the American Preppers Radio on Thursday, March 15th.  More than 185 people tuned in to listen to the program, and subsequently, by noon the next day, over 200 people had listened to the archived show.So, what is this, that’s caught the attention of so many?  It’s a brand new ‘dream team’ in the prepper community, who call themselves ‘Homestead Honeys’, and their show is, “The Homestead Honey Hour”.  At the beginning of their program, the light and upbeat theme song brings to mind visions of a June Cleaver, 50’s housewife, humming in the kitchen in her dress, apron, high heels and pearls.  The face of the listener anticipates a grin, even before a homestead honey begins her introduction.  However, make no mistake about it.  These gals are about as from June Clever as you can get.  They’ve traded in their pearls and heels for denim, bandanas, and garden clogs.Three of the four women on this team, had already established themselves in the prepper community, with thousands of subscribers to their YouTube channels, an the fourth is an ‘up-and-comer’.  Apparently, the attraction to this program is not only that these women are accomplished preppers in their own right, but in spite of their diverse backgrounds, and being broadly spread across the country, with one in Canada, yet, the program flows smoothly in a kind of harmony, as they hand-off to each other, comments, questions, wit and wisdom.The smart prepper will take at least one opportunity to ‘meet’ …”Katzcradul”, “BexarPrepper”, “Noreen”, and “TheMrsVolfie” by tuning in to
The Homestead Honey Hour, on Thursday evening at 6 p.m. Central time, on American Preppers Radio.
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  1. Great show! Looking forward to more!

  2. Sandy Grogg says:

    Ladies…. This is still the o ly way I can find to communicate wit any of you, so….

    We got a little extra money, so we went to Costci, and began buying things “ahead”.  Nothing fancy….. Just thongs we know we use a lot of….. Baking supplies, including two kinds of olive oil (with and without garlic), three huge double boxes of cereal, three bog bottles of Heinz Ketchup, BBQ sauce, old fashioned oats, raisins…. I had already bought honey and chocolate chips….. Butter (I splurged on two tubs of Kerry Gold)….altough I know hoe to make my own butter….. And some other things….. Now to find a place for it all.,

    A friend has given me several boxes of Maon jars…..Now I want to buy a 16 quart Presto canner, which I plan to use for both water bathband pressure canning….. I have a flat top stove, so cannot use the big water bath canners sold at bug box stores…. Rats.n 

    It’s a start.

    We get $45.00 a month in food assistance,,,, I figure I can take that, and another fifty to Costci every month and buy more……  What do you think?

    I know what it is to get caught without grocery money….. Things have been tough since I lost my job, and my husband became disabled.  Now I understand why preparedness is so important.  Any tips from you guys would be appreciated.

    God Bless,

  3. Sandy Grogg says:

    Katz…. I cannot find a wsyntoncomment on your videos, and I have a question,  

    I niticednthat younuse a big Stoneware water bath canner, on your ceramic stove top.  I have looked at these canners…I want to kearn to can….but have read that you cannot safely use a canner that does not have a smooth, flat bottom on ceramic stoves. M

    Please advise me…. Such a canner would be less expemsive than buying a large stockpot. I think my largest one is only eight quarts.  I hope to buy a Presto pressre canner….the one with both a weight and a gauge….later on.  I can’t afford it just now.

    Thank you,
    Sandy Grogg

  4. Sandy Grogg says:

    PS…. Sorry for the many typos in the last post.  I am using an iPad, amd the thing has a mind of it’s own…. I should have proofread that post… Sorry…


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