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The Lessons of History- What are we missing?

The Lessons of History

Japanese Tidal Stone

The Japanese people were warned about the tidal waves.  For roughly six hundred years silent  sentinels stood watch, along with hundreds of others along the Japanese coast.  Reminder’s from the past reaching out to the future.  Stone monuments shouted out in a quiet plea to the future, “This is the height of the tsunami, do not build homes below this line”.  The warnings were arrogantly ignored.  The stones did not lie; they did not exaggerate; people did not heed the warning, they were not prepared and they perished in the onrushing wave.

Do not judge the Japanese too harshly for we also ignore the past to our own peril. People in our country build homes on flood plains, in hurricane coastal areas, and on earthquake fault lines. They build homes on the side of steep hills where they are one heavy rain away from sliding down a mountain. They build and rebuild in wild-fire areas. They too ignore the lessons and wisdom of the past. The past screams out a warning and we too foolishly ignore history. People have built homes in the shadow of nuclear power plants. They disregard the lessons of Three Mile Island. The Japanese built perfectly safe power plants directly on top of fault zones. When one listens to preppers talk you tend to hear about what may happen.  The truth lies waiting, just as the Japanese stones, in history books. People contemplate on the mysterious future, they worry about what lies ahead. To see what is in our future we only have to look through the window of the past.  It has happened before and it will happen again.

Historians estimate the number of mass extinctions in the last 450 million years number from five to as many as twenty. We know the last one was 65 million years ago and it was most likely caused by a large meteor hitting off the coast of South America. What caused the others?  What happened?  There have been uncountable hurricanes, floods, fires, wars, insurrections, plagues, famines, and tornadoes that cause death and destruction.  Financial collapses such as in the 1920 Weimar Germany, where the value of the Mark fell hourly.  Disastrous events have happened, and they will again.  The question is not if, it has always been when it will happen.  As preppers, we prepare for the when it will happen.  If we use a disaster scale of one through ten, ten would be the worst: a non survivable event such as the sun going super-nova.  A number one incident would be an event which annoys, such as the power going out for a few days.

If you are reading this then you already have the ability and desire to survive. The first thing which you plan for is yours and your families survivability. We need to explore the How, What, When, and If of you preparing for your collective survivability. What event level are you prepared for? Do you have resources for three days? For five days? 365 days?  Your first and most important survival tool is your head.  The lack of common sense kills more people everyday than anything else, stupidity kills.

Is prepping a hobby for you or is it a way of life? In future columns we will explore general prepping together. What has history taught you about prepping?  We will talk about what works and what is a waste of time. We do not want anything to happen, but history is a different story.

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  1. Chris Watson says:

    Well the old saw about destiny and history will always be ignored to the detriment of civilizations.

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