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The Need to Prepare

Today we live in a world where people believe that nothing bad could ever happen to them, and if it did, help would be on the way.  What a dreamland we live in.  When I take a look back into history, I see so many situations that have caught average people by total surprise.  There have been numerous wars, including WWI and WWII which forced thousands of people from their homes and plunged them into nightmarish situations in which they had to fend for themselves.  WWII even ended with the use of nuclear weapons, devastation such as the world had never imagined before.

There have been pandemics which have killed millions of people in a short time. There was a Great Depression in this country which proved that even the greatest country on earth was economically fragile. The fact that any of these things have happened in history could indicate that they may happen again; possibly even to us. After all, history repeats right? Yet they do happen to people, even today, worldwide. The fighting in Syria, the drug cartels in Mexico, the disease in Africa, and the destroyed economy of countries like Greece should keep us aware that total disaster is just a plane-ride away. If all this were not enough, let’s not forget the natural disasters that strike right here in the US every year. Tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes, hurricanes and floods have claimed many lives and have turned countless lives upside-down.

The point I am trying to make is that life may not always be as it is right now.  We cannot just assume that everything will always be fine or that everything will be provided for us.  Just this past year, my state was hit by Hurricane Irene. And though it was just a step above tropical storm strength by the time it hit us, it still did quite a bit of damage. I remember going to the supermarket before she hit and seeing the shelves that once held bottled water…totally bare. People were making last minute runs for food, water and gas. I was thankful at that point that I had begun preparing a long time before Hurricane Irene. The storm caused my area to lose power. Fortunately my neighborhood was back up and running within a couple days. Other surrounding areas were without power for more than a week.

I rather enjoyed testing out my survival abilities.  And it gave me an opportunity to assess my supplies.  But what if it were something major?  What if it were something that lasted several weeks, months, or more?

So where do we start?  With the simple mindset that we need to prepare ourselves. Everything else stems from there.

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