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The Prepper Poitin Hour

Debut Show


With Your Host- Chris aka Redhorse_Ronin

Hopefully, many of you caught my debut webcast this past Monday evening. The show, The Prepper’s Poitin Hour, represents an opportunity for me to reach out to an audience of the likeminded, the curious, and maybe, hopefully, the dissenting. I embraced this opportunity to learn and to spread a message of community action and self-reliance that I am invested into more each day. I began the show with a brief biography. I am a twenty year veteran of the United States Air Force and, later, the Air National Guard. I have travelled a good portion of the world and have seen the Mid-East more than I care to think about. I have served in the engineering branch of my career service and have two disaster relief deployments for Katrina to my credit. My duties in the last years of my career included liaising with civil authorities during emergency management. I am a former volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician. My civilian careers include contract security consultation, to include training law enforcement, facility security forces, and executive protection and the environmental response and remediation industry. With this economy, I decided to return to school and get a degree that can tie my experience together and set me up for a better, more secure, and rewarding future. I am a father and I have grown up the son of a southern Appalachian blue collar auto worker who helped to instill in me my strong ties to our southern, Irish, Scots-Irish, and outdoor living heritages.

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I have always had a prepping mindset, to a degree. I never knew that it had a name until a year ago. To me it was simply a logical belief system that self-reliance and liberty are virtues to be extolled. I have had the homesteading itch for years and I was fortunate to have a family that taught me the value of working the land, no matter where I live and the satisfaction of working with my hands to build and to create. I have seen some of the world’s true marvels and I am the richer for it. I have seen the night sky dance to the symphonic crackle of the northern Aurora and I have looked up from a creekside breakfast of trout, with a flyrod beside me, to see moose walking out of the mists of Alaska’s interior. I have seen the mountaintops ablaze with the golden leave of autumn quakies in the rising sun in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho as I listened the bugling of the monarchs in the below. I have seen the smoky mists of the North Carolina highlands as I crested a bald knob just living my life. I have known the absolute solitude and exquisite silence of a rain drizzled Sunday morning in the winter upon the glassine waters of the Chesapeake Bay while my kayak knifed through the waters. All this, and much more, I have been blessed with and it has helped me to know that this is a nation worth preserving.

I began the show with a commentary on the constitutionality of the Voter Rights Act of 1965 as its Section 5 is used against state sovereignty. Basically, I find it reprehensible that we, as Americans, have let politically correct doctrine allow us overlook the federal government’s attempts to suborn the states’ sovereignty, and by extension, the sovereignty of the people. I applaud Texas for attempting to address a very real issue of voter fraud and to stand up for its own sovereignty. This is self-reliance on the state level and the effort expended is commendable. I questioned the federal government’s convenient oversight of its own incorporation and equal protection under the law doctrines and excoriated President Obama’s “Justice” Department for making the 9th and 10th Amendment political fodder.

I proceeded into the show with a discussion of President Obama’s Executive Order that nationalizes the resources of the nation under nebulous causes. We, I and those in the chat room at, discussed how this disturbing executive order COULD be implemented by a lame duck president under the correct political climate. We looked at how the order places the Department of Homeland Security ascendant to the Department of Defense to skirt very necessary and existing laws that restrict the military from tyrannizing the people. We looked at how the order neuters the Congress’ only real leverage-funding- by authorizing unfunded loan guarantees for specific executive departments. In short, I discussed how this very order’s existence is a greater threat to our liberty than any attempts to implement it as its continued existence is an assault upon our freedoms and identities as Americans. I closed with a call to action for all preppers to contact their legislators the register their disagreement and to continue to prep against the day when post-emergency life sustainment may be hindered by the very government that is supposed to protect and defend life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The show closed with a discussion of silver and its value as a hedge and wealth preserver in the face of a failing fiat greenback. We talked about how silver retains its value and about how silver may be valued in a true collapse or barter situation. I told how I got into the silver market and the various types of physical silver one can invest in. I demonstrated how the current value of “junk” silver is tied to the spot price and how just $2 could be a tank of gas. In the future we will further explore silver as a prepper investment.

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