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Water and 72 Hour Kits / Bug Out Bags

Basic Preparedness Instruction on water and 72 hour kits – what you need in your bag to take care of your water needs. We discuss different types of “pre-packaged” water to keep with you, containers for carrying more water and filters for cleaning water that you find on your way.



About the Author:

Phil is one of the co-owners of The APN. He was raised in a Preparedness Oriented family, living a self-sustaining lifestyle as a third generation, LDS, Prepper. He grew up farming, canning and learning to live off the land in the forests, mountains, rivers, oceans and cities of Missouri, Tennessee, Hawaii and Utah. In early 2008, he co-founded as a blog to talk about and teach Prepping. Over the next couple years, they produced hundreds of articles about Preparedness. Prior to UtahPreppers, he had been actively blogging elsewhere about building his self-sustaining farm and raising his 8 children in a preparedness lifestyle.

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