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BuggedOut! Filtering Water – Improvised Solutions

If you had to evacuate for any reason, what is your water solution?  I’m not talking about how to get a drink of filtered water – I’m talking about being able to cook, do dishes, keep your whole family hydrated, wash hands and clothes and so on.  I’m talking about consuming around 10 – 12 gallons of water per day.  Your Katadyn or MSR hiking filter isn’t going to cut it!

I have lots of water filters, before I came up here on this experiment, I thought I had a good solution for water.  But, I had never tried to continuously filter 10 gallons of water per day!

For starters, consider how you’re going to get access to that much water per day!  We’re fortunate that here on the homestead we have a good sized creek that runs year round.  However, it’s a good 500 yards away from the living area and you have to walk uphill about 100 feet on your way back from the creek.  That’s not really a big deal – unless you’re lugging a 5 gallon bucket of water!  I actually like it because it offers me a good regular workout – about once every two hours.

My solution is to carry that 5 gallon bucket full of water uphill to my filtering station – what would you have to do to get water?

My next challenge was to decide how I was going to drip filter that much water all day long without wasting any of it.  For now, I’m using an AquaPail as my filter.  I needed a slow drip water tank above the AquaPail so I drilled two holes in the bottom of a different 5 gallon bucket and blocked them with sticks.  This lets me control the flow into the filter.



Then I’m able to pour the creek water into the drip pail a few gallons at a time



I’m using a 15 gallon water barrel as a reservoir for filtered water with a hand pump on it.  This lets us pump the water out and into a 1 gallon jug that we can use to pour water into water bottles for drinking.  It also allows us to fill up pots for cooking or the dish basin for washing dishes/hands.



All-in-all, it is a rather elaborate and labor intensive solution to getting clean water at The Homestead.  I’ve been surprised at how much work is involved and in turn, how precious filtered water has become.  Even the kids are very careful not to waste water!  After all, other than carrying the water up the hill, they’re the ones doing all the work!

What is your Bug Out / Evacuation water plan?  Have you tested it?  Have you ever considered how much work is involved in filtering enough water to survive?  I was completely surprised – you don’t have to be, figure something out now!


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7 Comments on "BuggedOut! Filtering Water – Improvised Solutions"

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  1. Lisa Ehlers says:

    Are you going to try and drill a well for water?  The water would be cleaner to start with would it?  I admire your courage in moving to the homestead and I enjoy reading about your progress.  

  2. Bob says:

    I have as well as my other siblings the monolithic bucket filter. it does 14 gal every 24 hrs. But its a .2 micron filter so the water is safe enough for use in an IV if you had to. its really hard to find the link to the filters on the monolithic site. $27 with a spigot and sock prefilter.

  3. Joe says:

    Just go buy a Sawyer .10 or .02 purifier and your purification problems are solved.
    End story, no discussion… cartridges, no hocu pocus……they just flat work.

  4. If this is for a homestead, what about supplementing with a rainwater catch into at least a few 55 gallon drums?

  5. Time to get a dog, goat or one of those tiny horses to pull the water for ya. Your creative i am sure you could fashion a pull harness to a wagon :)

  6. Scott says:

    I can’t tell from the pictures.  What size of the AquaPail did you buy?  

    The water in the bucket is pretty murky.  Any thoughts on pre-filtering even through a cotton cloth to extend/insure the life span of your AquaPail?