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Build a brick rocket stove for $6.08

If you can stack bricks, you can make an effective biomass rocket stove. The materials are cheap, and usually readily available during a disaster. Most importantly, it is a very simple survival skill to learn.

by Leon Pantenburg

In the aftermath of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tornado, there will probably be a lot of biomass and wood debris laying around. Suppose you have to boil water or cook, using whatever materials are available.

If you can salvage some bricks, you can make this stove. It is simple to build, and is easily fueled with bits and pieces of wood debris or biomass. It is sturdy, so the top will hold heavy pots and pans easily. It is also very fuel efficient, and works under a variety of challenging circumstances.

If you like playing with Legos, you’ll love this project!

How to Make a Brick Rocket Stove for $6.08

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  1. Kris Watson says:

    I was inspired to build a rocket stove using this method some three years ago, as a result of viewing what I believe is the first video in this article. It is amazing!!! GREAT entry…..

  2. Here’s a compilation of make-shift stove videos and other fire-related content that might be of interest.

  3. Great way to give people an affordable option for an emergency stove.

  4. OG says:

    Wow, I never thought it would be that easy. I heard that cooking bread inside bricks also does the job well.

  5. That is awesome!! Thanks for this knowledge!!

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