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Citizen Band Overview for the Prepper

The Citizen Band (CB) has been around since the 1960’s.  I remember my father talking on his Hammerland CB radio and putting up a vertical antenna and then a set of beam antennas on the roof.   CB has gone through a lot of changes since then.  In the mid 70’s CB became really popular and a lot of people like my father quit talking on it and sold all their equipment.  CB started out with 23 channels and when it began to get really popular more channels were added to a total of 40 channels.  The power output is limited to 4 watts,  thats about as much power as a standard business band or emergency band walkie.  The CB uses the 26-27 mhz frequency band and the AM mode.

Some CB radios have the ability to talk single-side band with increased power up to 12 watts.  With side band, the signal is concentrated into a smaller area of the band which will give you much greater range.  Some of the newer radios also have the ability to monitor NOAA weather channels.    I personally have a couple of CB radios but really don’t use them that much.  At my location, I overlook about 10 miles of interstate so if I hear an accident on the scanner I will tune in,  and have helped a lot of truckers save time getting around road blockages.

A lot of preppers discount the CB as a viable communications tool or look down on it, but I think there is a place for most every type radio system.  One way to increase the range in a base setup is a large antenna.  If you live near an interstate, I would highly recommend purchasing one to at least monitor the interstate.  If you live way out in the country with no large highway around you will probably not hear much activity.  I would not rely on the CB as my main prep radio system as it is very limited as to versatility and power.  Some modify these radios or use amplifiers with them which is illegal and most of the modified radios have just had the modulation increased and not the transmitter power.  With the low cost of a CB radio there should not be any reason not to include them in your prepping, but would suggest they not be your primary communications system.

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  1. Rudy says:

    I would recommend a CB with the SSB feature. Advantages are

    12 watts of power vs 4 watts.

    Less than 10% of the CB’s built have this extra mode. AM CB’s cannot eavesdrop on your conversations so it’s a type of encryption. 80 additional channels on top of the 40 channels on AM radios.

  2. Grimlin 44 says:

    I have a Galaxy 959 Am/SSB and A99 Antenna on 40ft tower works very well nice “Legal radio”. 12 VDC

    Don’t get a Base cb for prepping most are 120vac

    Best deployment I’ve seen get all your prepper buddy’s in your group a good cb. have some code words to know who your talking to.

    have one or more in your group with Ham radio license to relay info ex. News to the rest of the group.

    have extra mic’s, fusses, coax, 12vdc soldering iron, solder, Antennas, Pl-259’s.
    after shtf you can not get this stuff.

    There are other terms to research to help you keep you on the air.

    Free band
    H&Y Electronics
    ebay cb amplifier
    Galaxy 98vhp
    rci 2950
    boomer 250
    texas star
    google radio mods.
    cb shops near you.

    use at your own risk!

    Knowledge is power!

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