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Everyday Survival Carry Options

I use a variety of methods to carry as many survival items on myself as possible at all times.  One is my Izula Gear wallet.  I’m not getting paid to endorse this product or this company, I did write them and let them know I was going to review it as part of my kit.  They’re response? “Write whatever you want, but positive or negative please be honest”.

So, honestly; the wallet far exceeded my expectations by a wide margin.  The larger wallet in the picture is one I have been lugging around for years.  The smaller is the Izula Gear survival wallet.  You can see it’s about 1/2 of the size of the other.  It won’t replace your current wallet and it’s not supposed to.  (I thought it would), but it’s easily added to your pocket or ladies to your purse.  I carry mine in the ankle pocket of my cargo pants. (Ladies it’ll fit yours as well).
It contains 4 fish hooks in two sizes.  A non-ferrous titanium razor blade and a non-ferrous handcuff key.  2 rare earth magnets (easily concealed compass), 20’ or so of Kevlar string that cuts through flex cuff like no one’s business.  An ESSE Knives AH-1 arrow/spearhead, a regular compass and a bunch of plastic “business cards” packed with survival and escape and evasion techniques on them.
One card deals specifically with where to stash the items in the wallet on your person in case of immanent capture by bad guys.  Another one talks about how to judge the distance across a river.  All have something cool.  Two of the cards double as survival tools.  One is hollow and full of dental floss the other you peel the printed layer off and there’s a signal mirror underneath.

Most of the knowledge on the cards, a few of you probably already know, but some stuff I hadn’t considered and one even corrected a mistake I had been making.  Everyone can benefit from the knowledge on the cards.  If, for nothing else, the knowledge will get your head going in the right direction again after a shocking experience.
Yes, if you looked hard enough you could probably put the same thing together, and if you can sew well you might even do it for cheaper. For everyone not blessed with sewing skills or time to track the stuff down I cannot stress enough how valuable this wallet could be.  You can survive and live well with just what’s in it.  Oh and I forgot to mention the little magnesium fire starter and the fact it was built in the good ol’ USA.
My belt which I wear whether I need to or not, is made by TOP’S Knives.  It has a buckle made for a carabineer to be clipped to so you can repel in emergency situations.  It also has a hidden pocket for cash, or cuff keys with Kevlar cord tied to them in case you encounter either restraint, that type of thing.



I also have built my key chain into a mini survival kit.  It has a good L.E.D flashlight, a p38 can opener, a sturdy bottle opener, a magnesium fire starter, 1 large “S” carabineer clip, 5 or 6 small ones, and a survival whistle that has a thermometer, compass and magnifying glass.  All of this on a lanyard, that comes apart in two sections and while not extremely heavy it does double as a wicked bludgeoning device.
I carry a 200 lumen flashlight in my left pocket, a couple of defensive items, and about 150’ of 550 paracord.  100’ on my wrist in a wrist strap, or bracelet or whatever you want to call it, the rest I replaced my boot laces with.  It really comes out to about 115’-120’ of paracord.
I also diligently lug my bug out bag with me everywhere I go, although it get’s left in the car when I go in places.  My blazer has a military trunk in the back full of survival gear for my family’s longer term needs.  Everyone has a pack; even my 18month old has a hydration pack so she can at least carry her own water.  So with all our packs, personal carry items, and what stays in our truck we’ve pretty much covered our basics.
Even if I get separated from my family and my blazer with my b.o.b. inside, I know I always carry on me enough to restart civilization if necessary. Ok, well enough to get by and look good doing it!

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