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Homesteading and starting from scratch!

This Past Thursday, on The Homestead Honey Hour I shared a lot of how Howard and I got started into homesteading.  After

declaring bankruptcy in 2005…We were faced with starting all over from scratch.

Know that the first step to getting anywhere is DECIDING you don’t want to stay where you are.  That’s where we started!  We began to save some money and started to look for a place to call our own.  In 2007, we found it!  It wasn’t much, no proper heating, no light fixtures, no hot water heater, broken windows, seized well pump, leaky roof and the addition ( which was built on a log foundation) was falling off but it sat on a 1/2 acre!! IT WAS PERFECT!!  The Price was right and with 50% down, but we bought it!

After spending two years making it livable, we began to concentrate on how to become more self-sufficient.  NEVER again did we want to put ourselves in the position where money was the only solution.  It started with a garden, then some laying hens, and then some meat birds.  After that, we had to build a little barn.  With every step forward to self-sufficiency, the knots of stress in our chests loosened and we began to taste the beginnings of freedom!

One day in May 2010, as I was hanging out some wash.  The ground began to shake!  I watched in stunned disbelief as gravel shimmied and bounced and the tin sheets in the trailer began to rattle.  It was a 5.5 Earthquake!!! Not enough to do damage, but enough to make me realize that should the roads heave and my well casing crack, we would have problems.  A prepper was BORN!

Since then, we have worked very hard at making every square inch of this half acre be healthy and productive.  We tap our few maple trees, We have invested in Bee Hives, and garden in every way conceivable!  From a garden patch, to tire and hanging planters! Any flowers we are planting this year ( flowers have purpose too) have medicinal properties as well as providing the bees with pollen.  We rotate seasonal live stock for meat.  In the summer it is Meat chickens and turkeys…in January of this year we bought two piglets.  These will be dispatched to the freezer just in time for the hatching of the chicks for this year’s chicken and turkey flock.  So the chicken coop doubles as a pig pen in late winter to a chicken coop from spring till fall! It takes organization, but it IS doable!

Five years later, we are JUST getting the hang of things!  But we are learning something new every season.  And as we learn we share, either on my blog “my half acre homestead” or on YouTube, and Now on the Homestead Honey Hour at  Between gardening, canning, learning to milk the goat, making soap, dehydrating, and doing our own animal dispatching and harvesting, we keep busy but we LOVE it!  The decision to take back more and more control of our lives will be one decision we will never regret!  One day at a time!  Listen to this informative show in player below.

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